Moving Out of State in Arizona

Permanent Moves

If you're moving out of Arizona permanently, you just need to send a copy of your new state's vehicle registration to the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) to let them know your vehicle is now registered in another state. Mail the information to:

  • Arizona Department of Transportation
  • Motor Vehicle Division
  • P.O. Box 2100
  • Phoenix AZ 85001

Or, you can wait until the MVD sends you a notice once your registration has expired, and then send a copy of your new registration.

Just Moved?

Find all the information you need to finish your moving requirements with the DMV.

Temporary Moves

If you're leaving the state on a temporary basis, let the MVD know online or by completing a change of address card at a MVD office or third-party location. You may also notify the MVD in writing by sending a letter to:

  • Arizona Department of Transportation
  • Motor Vehicle Division
  • P.O. Box 2100
  • Phoenix AZ 85001

Be sure to include your full name, driver license number, current address, new address, and date of birth.

Or, you can call the MVD at:

Phoenix: (602) 255-0072
Tucson: (520) 629-9808
Other areas of the state: (800) 251-5866
Phoenix (TDD only): (602) 712-3222
Other areas of the state (TDD only): (800) 324-5425
No matter the method, be sure to notify the MVD within 10 days of the move.

Prepare for the Move

Ease your transition into your new state by visiting our "New to Your State" section, which provides an overview on driving-related tasks that should be taken care of shortly after you move to your new home.

Military Information

If you're in the military and will temporarily be moving outside the state, be sure to visit our Drivers in the Military section for important information regarding registrations, licensing, and other matters.

Surrendering Arizona License Plates

You are not required to return your Arizona plates after relocating.


Arizona does not offer prorated registration refunds when moving to a new state.

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