Other Vehicle Registrations in Arizona

Summary: How to Register Other Vehicle Types in Arizona

While some vehicle types are registered the same as standard cars and trucks, there are certain special vehicles that require different steps and paperwork for registration. Below you'll find information on ATVs, motorhomes, custom-built cars, and more.

All-Terrain Vehicles in Arizona


Every ATV in Arizona needs to have a title, regardless of how you will use the vehicle. If you buy the vehicle from the dealer, the seller will handle this matter. If you buy from a private seller, you'll need to apply for a title at an Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) office. See our Title Transfers page for details on the titling procedure. You don't need to bring the vehicle to the AZ MVD location.

License Plate

The MVD will give you an off-road license plate with "RV" (for "recreational vehicle") printed on the state. Affix the plate on the rear of the vehicle.

This plate means you cannot ride on streets or highways. Instead, you may only ride on dirt roads in unincorporated areas of Arizona. State lawmakers define a dirt road as an "unpaved or ungraveled road that is not maintained by this state or a city, town, or county of this state."

Decal Rule

You need to purchase an official, off-highway vehicle (OHV) decal each year and affix it to your license plate.

You may purchase the decal online, or at an Arizona MVD or authorized third-party office.

See the state FAQs page on this matter for more information.

Riding on Public Roads

If you want to ride your ATV on the state's streets or highways, several factors come into play.

For starters, the vehicle must be "street-legal," as defined in the Arizona Off-Highway Vehicle Guide from the Arizona Game and Fish Department. You might need to make some alterations to your vehicle to make it street legal.

Then, you must register the vehicle at an MVD office. See our other registration sections for details about the documentation you'll need to supply.

You'll need to carry insurance to ride your ATV on roads or highways. Be sure to have your registration and insurance card with you when riding the vehicle.

Check with the AZ MVD to see if you need an AZ driver's license or motorcycle license to legally operate your ATV. Generally, you'll be required to have a valid driver's license to ride on any of the state's public roads.


You'll pay a vehicle license tax based on the manufacturer's amortized base retail price of the vehicle. You'll also pay the following fees:

  • Title: $4.
  • Registration: $8.
  • Air quality research: $1.50.

For more information about ATVs or off-highway vehicles, check out Arizona's pamphlet on the subject. You can also contact your local MVD office or call (800) 251-5866.

Custom-Built Cars

If you have a custom built car, you'll need to have it inspected before you can have it registered and titled. Contact the Arizona MVD to find an inspection station near you:

  • Phoenix: (602) 255-0072.
  • Tucson: (602) 255-0072.
  • Rest of Arizona: (800) 251-5866.

NOTE: Bring all bills of sale, receipts, or invoices for the major components of your car to the inspection.

Once you've successfully passed the inspection, follow the instructions on our Arizona Car Registration page to register and title your custom car.

Arizona Golf Carts

Golf carts don't need to be titled or registered providing they're not being driven on public roads.

Trailer Registration in AZ

Trailers―not to be confused with recreational vehicles―need to be titled and registered. The process for both is similar to what you'd experience with a car. See our Arizona Vehicle Registration page for more information.

RVs and Motorhomes

If you have a recreational vehicle (RV) or motorhome in Arizona, you will need to have it registered and titled. You can follow the same process found on our AZ Car Registration page to do this. Your fees may vary depending on the size and weight of your RV.

AZ Mopeds and Scooters

In Arizona, you must register your moped, just as you would register a car. Mopeds are vehicles with:

  • Pedals to propel the vehicle AND a motor up to 50 cc.
  • No more than 1.5 hp.
  • 25 MPH maximum speed.

You must also register a motor-driven cycle, which is defined as a motorcycle that:

  • Has up to 3 wheels.
  • Has no more than 5 HP.

The motor-driven cycles classification includes most motor scooters.

See our scooters and mopeds page for more information, including licensing requirements.

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