Motorcycle Registration in Arizona

Arizona law requires all residents to register their motorcycles with the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD).

Use this guide to learn about registering recently-purchased motorcycles AND new resident requirements.

Need to renew your AZ motorcycle registration? Jump over to our registration renewals guide for more!

New Arizona Residents

Upon establishing Arizona residency, you must immediately register your motorcycle.

PRIOR to submitting a registration application, you'll need to purchase Arizona motorcycle insurance, which you'll need to show proof of when transferring your out-of-state registration.

Complete the registration process by visiting your local MVD office with:

  • Your motorcycle's:
    • Out-of-state license plates.
    • Current title AND registration.
      • If you can't provide both documents, the MVD agent will need to conduct a Level 1 inspection to verify the vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • If you're leasing the motorcycle, submit a Power of Attorney AND an original lien clearance from the lender that includes the:
    • Motorcycle's VIN, year, make, and model.
    • Original loan amount.
    • Dates of the lease contract.
    • Lender's name and address.
  • A completed Title and Registration Application (Form 96-0236).
  • Proof of AZ motorcycle insurance.
  • Payment for the $9 motorcycle registration fee, PLUS any other applicable fees and taxes.

If you don't have all the required documentation to immediately transfer your out-of-state motorcycle registration, you can apply for temporary AZ registration that is valid for 90 days. The cost for temporary registration is $15.

Call the Motor Vehicle Division at (602) 255-0072 for details on requesting a temporary registration.

Register Your Arizona Motorcycle

After purchasing a motorcycle in Arizona, you have 15 days from the purchase date to transfer the bike in your name.

The steps to transferring the registration will differ depending on whether you bought the motorcycle from an Arizona dealership OR an individual seller.

Motorcycles from Dealerships

Most dealerships will submit the required registration documents to the AZ MVD for you. The dealer may also give you a temporary motorcycle registration while you wait to receive your official registration in the mail.

However, it is your responsibility to ask the dealer whether additional steps are required on your end. For an idea of what registration fees you'll need to pay, see AZ Motorcycle Registration Fees & Taxes below.

Motorcycles from Individuals

Remember, to register your bike with the AZ Motor Vehicle Division, you'll need Arizona motorcycle insurance. If you just purchased your first motorcycle, make sure you have the appropriate insurance to back it up.

After finalizing the purchase of a motorcycle from an individual seller, you'll need to register it yourself by providing the following items at your local MVD office branch.

Usually, you'll title and register your bike in the same transaction; check out our Arizona title transfers page for additional titling requirements and documents you should be aware of before heading out to the MVD office.

AZ Motorcycle Registration Fees & Taxes

The fees for registering your motorcycle with the AZ Motor Vehicle Division are below:

  • Title fee: $4.
  • Motorcycle registration fee: $9.
  • Air Quality Research fee (applied to all registrations): $1.50.
  • Vehicle License Tax (VLT) assessed per $100 of the motorcycle's value:
    • New motorcycles: $2.80.
    • Used motorcycles: $2.89.
  • Initial late registration penalty: $8.
    • Additional fee for every 1 month overdue: $4.
  • Temporary registration for 90 days: $15.


Title and Registration Application
Apply for an original OR duplicate Arizona title AND/OR registration with the Motor Vehicle Division.
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