Drivers in the Military in Arizona

With regular address changes, deployments, and subsequent new surroundings, life in the military is difficult enough without the hassles of paperwork from the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD).

Fortunately, the MVD makes allowances for military personnel and their spouse when it comes to driver licenses and car registrations. The extensions and exemptions make living and driving in Arizona the pleasurable experiences they should be.

Driver Licenses and Identification Cards

To ensure that the MVD is aware of your status as military personnel, you will need to show your military ID card when you apply for your driver license. If you do not have the ID with you when you apply for your license or you enlist after you receive the license, send a copy of the front and back of your military ID as well as your most recent Statement of Earnings/Leave to the MVD via postal mail at the following address:

  • Motor Vehicle Division
  • 4005 N. 51st Avenue
  • MD 510
  • Phoenix, AZ 85031

Military members whose home state is Arizona can renew their driver's license or identification cards by mail. If your photo is not up current you may be issued a card which reads "Valid without Photo" until you can update your photo with the Motor Vehicle Division.

In addition, active military personnel and their dependents stationed in Arizona can take advantage of the MVD's online service portal or call (800) 251-5866 to apply for duplicate driver licenses and ID cards, renew driver licenses or ID cards, or to reinstate suspended driver licenses. Residents of AZ who are active military personnel and their dependents stationed outside of the state may renew or replace their driver's license or ID card by calling (800) 251-5866 or online. The service requires a credit card to pay the appropriate fees.

If your digital photograph is not on file with the MVD, the MVD will overlook the requirement and issue you a card that is "Valid without Photo." However, you will have to apply via mail to do so.

  • Motor Vehicle Division
  • P.O. Box 2100
  • MD 510
  • Phoenix, AZ 85001

Renewing Your Registration

Arizona residents who are on active military duty may renew their vehicle registration online or by mail. If you use the online or telephone system, you will need to pay with a credit card. Those who utilize the postal service will need to send a check or money order with their renewal to:

  • Motor Vehicle Division
  • PO Box 29008.
  • Phoenix, AZ 85038

If you are on active duty outside of Arizona when your vehicle registration needs to be renewed, you can submit a Special Military Exemption (Form 96-0240) which exempts you from the year's registration fees and vehicle license taxes (VLT), when you return and renew your vehicle. This may only be used from the date of deployment until 1 year after your discharge.

This exemption is limited to 2 vehicles. Members of the Arizona National Guard are eligible for the same exemption.

Out-of-Use Vehicles

It is not necessary to insure vehicles that are not in use on the roadways when you are on active military duty. To apply for permission not to insure your out-of-use vehicle, you can complete a De-Insured Certificate (Form 46-0602).

Veteran Benefits

If the Department of Veterans Affairs has deemed you 100% disabled and you are drawing compensation as such, you are exempt from paying registration fees and VLTs on 1 vehicle. Spouses of those killed in action are also eligible for the benefit until they remarry.

Further, Arizona veterans whose vehicle is paid for by financial aid from the Department of Veterans Affairs do not have to pay registration fees or VLTs.

NOTE: If you qualify for an exemption, you may need to provide additional documentation.

Find general license and registration information at Car Registration, Applying for a New License, and Renewing Your License on this site.


Special Military Exemption
Submit this form to the AZ MVD to request military exemption from vehicle registration fees while deployed.
De-Insured Certificate
Submit this form to the Motor Vehicle Division if you're temporarily not using or insuring a vehicle in Arizona.
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