Lost Traffic Ticket in Arizona

Certain courts in Arizona allow you to search online for details about your lost traffic ticket. This applies to a red light ticket, a speeding ticket, a moving violation and a lost parking ticket. Currently, you can search using just personal information, such as your name.

NOTE: For the most updated lost ticket information, contact the appropriate Arizona county court directly.

You can search online for your lost traffic ticket; however, if searching online isn't possible—or your court doesn't participate with the online system, you can search for your ticket information with your presiding court or the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD).

Search Traffic Tickets Online

Search online for your missing traffic ticket using the Arizona court system's website.

Currently, you can search using your last name or business name only; however, you can narrow your search by also providing your first name, date of birth, and the specific court handling your ticket.

Generally, the online service provides you with traffic ticket information such as:

  • Your case number.
  • The presiding court and judge.
  • Any case activity.

However, note that you'll still need to contact your presiding court if:

  • You don't remember whether you're supposed to appear in court.
  • You're not sure about the ticket fine and any other fees.
    • Also, you'll need to ask about eligible payment options and payment methods, based on your court and personal situation.
  • Your lost traffic ticket doesn't appear on the website.
    • This could be because your court doesn't participate in the online program.

Contact Your Traffic Court

As mentioned above, you can contact your presiding court directly to find information about your lost traffic ticket. Your “presiding court" is the court in the area where you received your citation; this means you must contact that specific court.

Because you're searching for a lost citation, you might not remember which court is handling your ticket.

If this is the case, try to remember the county in which you received the ticket and start contacting courts in that county. Generally, each county has multiple traffic ticket courts, so this could be a hit-or-miss process.

Contact the AZ MVD

Finally, if you didn't have any luck with the Public Access to Court Information or with contacting the courts, the AZ MVD probably can help you.

You can contact the AZ MVD directly and, if you can provide basic information such as your name and Arizona driver's license number, a representative can provide you with information related to your traffic citation.

Be sure to ask the AZ MVD about the court handling your ticket, and then contact that court to double-check facts such as whether you need to appear in court and the exact amount of the traffic ticket fine and any additional fees.

Information on Your AZ Ticket

Whether you find help with the presiding court or the AZ MVD, make sure you gather the most important information on your citation.

Ask the AZ MVD or the presiding court about:

  • Whether you're required to appear in court and your court date.
  • Specific AZ traffic ticket information, such as:
    • The exact violation(s).
    • The citation number(s).
  • The exact amount you owe and the deadline to pay it. This includes:
    • Your ticket fine amount.
    • Related court costs/fees or surcharges.
  • Eligible payment options and payment methods. Generally, this depends on:
    • The court handling your traffic ticket.
    • The nature of your traffic violation.
    • Whether you must make a court appearance.

Pay or Fight Your Arizona Ticket

Unless the nature of your violation requires you to appear in court, you can choose to either:

  • Plead “guilty" and pay your fine outright.
  • Plead “not guilty" and challenge your ticket in court.

Each option carries its own benefits and risks. Refer to Pay Traffic Ticket and Fight Traffic Ticket for details.

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