MVD Forms in Arizona

Several forms are available online from the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). Forms are also available at your local MVD office.

Most forms are in PDF format. If you cannot open PDF forms, you can download Adobe Reader for free.

You can also take care of many common transactions on the MVD website. You can renew your registration, reinstate your driver's license, and complete several other transactions.

Most Requested Forms

Application for a Social Security Card
Request an original, replacement, OR corrected Social Security card.
Bill of Sale
Complete this MVD form after a private vehicle sale to use as proof of purchase from the seller to the buyer.
Driver License/Identification Card Application
Apply for an Arizona driver's license, learner's permit, OR identification card with the MVD.
Title and Registration Application
Apply for an original OR duplicate Arizona title AND/OR registration with the Motor Vehicle Division.

Driver's License & ID Forms

Authorized Presence Documentation
When applying for your AZ driver's license, use this form to submit the required documentation authorizing your presence in the U.S. OR to state your exemption from the requirement.
Identification Requirements
Checklist to ensure you have the required forms of ID to apply for or renew a driver's license or ID card.
Supervised Driving Practice Certificate
Certification of supervised driving practice required by the MVD to apply for an AZ graduated driver's license AND/OR motorcycle endorsement for a teen driver.

Title & Registration Forms

Antique Plate Application
Submit this form to apply for Classic Car or Historic Vehicle license plates for eligible vehicles.
Application for Duplicate Certificate AND/OR Decal
Apply for duplicate boat registration AND/OR decals with the Arizona Game and Fish Department.
Honorary Foreign Consul Plate Application
Submit this form to apply for a special license plate for honorary foreign consuls.
Lien Release
A lienholder must complete this form when a lien is paid in full so that the title can be transferred.
Plate Credit Refund Request
Request a refund for unused car registration fees when you sell your vehicle or no longer need your Arizona license plates.
Plate Notice
Notify the Motor Vehicle Division of a release of responsibility for an AZ license plate no longer in your possession.
Power of Attorney
Complete this form to grant someone else the authority to make title transactions on your behalf.
Registration Penalty Fee Waiver, Non-Use
Submit this form to the Motor Vehicle Division to avoid late registration fees if you didn't operate the vehicle since its registration expired.
Special Plate Application
Apply for specialized AND/OR vanity Arizona license plates from the Motor Vehicle Division.

Buying & Selling Forms

Sold Notice
Submit this form to notify the MVD that you've sold your vehicle so that you aren't liable for violations committed by the new owner.

Insurance Forms

De-Insured Certificate
Submit this form to the Motor Vehicle Division if you're temporarily not using or insuring a vehicle in Arizona.

Commercial Forms

Commercial Driver License Application
Submit to the Motor Vehicle Division to apply for an AZ commercial driver's license.
Medical Examination Report
Medical examination form required by the AZ Motor Vehicle Division when applying for your CDL. Must be completed by a medical professional.
Medical Examination Report for Commercial Driver Fitness Determination
Driver health form required when you apply for an AZ commercial driver's license. Must be completed by your doctor.
Medical Examiner Certificate
Certificate of medical examination you must carry as an Arizona commercial driver. Must be completed by a doctor.

Military Forms

Special Military Exemption
Submit this form to the AZ MVD to request military exemption from vehicle registration fees while deployed.

Disability Forms

Disability - Hearing Impaired Plate/Placard Application
Apply for temporary OR permanent disability OR hearing impaired AZ license plates and placards.
Disability/Hearing Impaired Plate/Placard
Apply OR renew OR replace your Arizona disability OR hearing-impaired parking placard with the MVD.
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