Dealer Forms in Arizona

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The Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) enables you to download several forms to apply for an automobile dealer's license. You can also obtain an application by contacting the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) at (602) 712-7571 and asking for the Dealer Licensing division.

Available forms include:

Additional forms are available on the MVD Dealer Licensing Services webpage .

The completed application must contain the notarized signatures of all responsible parties (the individual, partners, or an officer of the corporation). Further, you must submit a separate application for each license type you wish to hold. The types of licenses are as follows:

  • Franchised motor vehicle dealer (new cars)
  • Wholesale auto auction dealer
  • Used motor vehicle dealer
  • Automotive recycler
  • Broker
  • Title service company

In addition to the application, each dealer applicant must undergo a criminal record check. The provision applies to individual owners, partners, company officers, and those who own 20% or more of the company.

The application for the background check, which can be acquired at your local Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) or third-party office, requires a personal history form and fingerprints.

Those who have undergone an MVD criminal record check in the past 10 years or who are already licensed to sell automobiles may forgo the procedure.


Authorized Presence Documentation
When applying for your AZ driver's license, use this form to submit the required documentation authorizing your presence in the U.S. OR to state your exemption from the requirement.
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