Buying and Selling FAQs in Arizona

We have many sections devoted to the important matter of buying and selling vehicles, including our State Regulations section. After all, next to a home, a car is one of the most expensive items you will ever buy or sell. So in this section, we'll take a look at some common questions regarding this issue.

What is a bill of sale?

It's a written document that helps to provide proof of transfer of ownership of personal property, such as a car. A bill of sale will contain important information, including the purchase price of the vehicle, the sale date, a description of the vehicle, and the names of the buyer and seller. You need to get a bill of sale whenever you buy a car from a private seller (as opposed to buying from a dealer).

Where can I get a blank bill of sale?

Glad you asked. We provide a generic bill of sale, right here for your convenience.

What should I do with the license plates on the vehicle I just sold?

Remove them before handing the car over to the buyer. You can transfer the plates to a new vehicle, or you may receive a credit from the state. The Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) provides much more information on the subject. If you don't transfer the plates within 30 days, you'll need to hand them over at an MVD office or an authorized third-party office.

Where can I get a temporary registration permit?

If you purchased your car from a dealership, the dealer will give you a Temporary Registration Plate. If you bought your car from a private party, you'll need to obtain a Restricted Use 3-day permit. You can get one from any MVD office or an authorized third-party office. Or save time, and apply online.

I live in another state but bought my vehicle from an Arizona dealer. What sort of permit do I need to drive the vehicle home?

Arizona offers a Nonresident Registration permit valid for 90 days for these situations. You may pick up the permit for $15 at an MVD office or an authorized third-party office.

How long do I have to register the vehicle I just bought?

You have 15 days from the sale date to register the vehicle at an MVD office.

How much does it cost to register my vehicle?

It depends on a few factors.

The base cost for a new registration is $8. But you'll need to tack on $1.50 for an air quality research fee. Then, there's a vehicle license tax (VLT), which is based on the manufacturer's base retail price of your vehicle. Owners of commercial vehicles may face other fees, too, including a weight fee.

How much do titles cost?

That's an easy one. They cost $4.

How much do car license plates cost?

If you just want the standard plate, there's no charge. However, if you want to personalize your plate or order a specialty plate, it'll cost more.

How can I order specialized plates for my new vehicle?

We walk you through the process in our license plates section.

Where can I find out more information about Arizona's Lemon Law?

We cover this topic in our Lemon Law section.

Where can I find more information about registering and titling cars?

An excellent place to start is by looking at our registration and titling sections.

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