Bill of Sale Requirements in Arizona

A bill of sale is a document recording the details of a transaction between two parties. For Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) purposes, these two parties are the person selling the vehicle and the person buying it.

Arizona Bill of Sale

While some motor vehicle departments use bills of sale during title transfers, the Arizona MVD does not require a bill of sale to transfer a title or complete any other motor vehicle transaction.

However, for the protection of the seller and the buyer, the MVD does provide one (AZ Bill of Sale Form 48-2004).

NOTE: The AZ MVD Bill of sale asks for only the seller's signature; however, the buyer should also consider signing the document. The buyer's signature further indicates both parties were knowingly involved in the transaction.

Using AZ's Bill of Sale

If AZ doesn't require a bill of sale and the sold notice tells the MVD you've sold your vehicle, why should you bother with a bill of sale?

Seller Protection

As the seller, you need protection from liability for anything the buyer (or anyone else) does with the vehicle after you sell it.

The AZ MVD provides a sold notice for liability purposes (see below), but a bill of sale lets you access important information like:

  • Buyer's name and contact information.
  • Date you sold the vehicle.
  • Price paid.

Buyer Benefits

As the buyer, the bill of sale not only acts as a record of your purchase, but it also provides transaction details―such as the price you paid―that come in handy when it's time to register your car.

Generic Bill of Sale

If you have trouble downloading AZ's bill of sale, or simply want a more robust document, please see our easy, printable bill of sale form.


Bill of Sale
Complete this MVD form after a private vehicle sale to use as proof of purchase from the seller to the buyer.
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