What is a Driver Prep Course?

By: Staff Writer July 6, 2012
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Passing a written drivers license test (also referred to as a knowledge test) is a challenge.

As a teen who has never operated a car, you're tested on material – driving laws, reading road markings, driving in inclement weather – you have no experience with other than while observing as a passenger from the front or backseat.

To pass the test to obtain a learner's permit – the first step towards achieving a driver's license – you must study your state's drivers license manual, sometimes totaling over 100 pages, which can be intimidating.

Driver Prep Courses Prepare You for the Permit Test

This is where driver prep courses come into play. These courses are geared towards helping new drivers pass the license permit test. Most of these courses can be found online, offered by third-party companies.

To help with your studying, these courses whittle down your state's drivers license manual, allowing you to focus on the most important points, which, by no coincidence, are the most likely points you'll be tested on.

In addition, these courses also emphasize practice exams. Lots of them with lots of questions.

The tests resemble the actual exam you'll take at your local Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) office. All feature multiple choice questions based on material found in your state's driver license handbook.

Topics include:

  • Identifying traffic signals and road signs.
  • Identifying road lines.
  • Driving at night.
  • The dangers of drinking and driving.
  • Hand signals.
  • Actions to take when emergency vehicles approach.
  • Turning at intersections.

All the tests include explanations to both correct and incorrect answers, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the topic matter.

Unlike a drivers ed class, a drivers prep course is not required for obtaining a learner's permit and/or driver's license. These courses are strictly voluntary, and come highly recommended for prospective teen drivers.

Did you take a driver's prep course to prepare for your driver's license test?

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