Watch Out! The Most Common Road Sign Traffic Tickets

By: Kathy Teel August 1, 2012
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It’s usually easy to see a traffic sign, and most people obey them.

However, there are three traffic signs people disregard more than any others - even those who correctly identified them during their road sign practice tests!

No U-Turn Traffic Signs

This sign means what it says. If you get caught making an illegal U-turn, that earns you several points on your license (depending on your state), as well as a heavy fine. Also, if you're involved in a wreck, you will almost certainly be found at-fault.

Expect your insurance premiums to sky rocket if you are caught with this traffic violation on your record.

Stop Signs Traffic Signs

The red octagon with the word "Stop" printed in white means stop. Yet, cops write hundreds of tickets a day to people who fail to do what the sign says. Rolling past a stop sign—even very slowly—is still not stopping, and it's the cause of thousands of wrecks a year.

Getting caught rolling through a stop sign will earn you demerits, garner a heavy fine, and cause you to be declared at-fault for any wreck that ensues.

No Right or Left Turns Traffic Signs

Rather like the Stop Sign and the No U-Turn, this is a straightforward instruction. Cities and other communities tell you to "not turn" a certain direction, not because they're trying to make life hard for you, but because they know more about the flow of traffic in that place than you do.

If you see No Turn traffic signs, it's probably because traffic is flowing one way, and turning the other direction will put you in danger. Obeying posted signs and following the law is the best way to ensure a clean driving record and a safe journey.

You may have aced your road signs practice test - and maybe even your permit test or drivers license test - but you might still "overlook" certain traffic signs. Go ahead, confess to us in the comments!

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