Using Power of Attorney to Obtain a Duplicate Title

By: Staff Writer June 9, 2012
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It staggers the mind how vehicle titles go missing as readily as socks in a laundromat. Especially given the importance of the document for conducting title transfers.

The only good that comes from this is that Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) offices have become well practiced in processing duplicate title applications. The state motor vehicle agency, via trial and error, has streamlined the ways in which you can replace a lost title. One such way is using power of attorney.

In a nutshell, power of attorney allows you to designate a person to act on your behalf - in this case, when applying for and receiving a duplicate title.

The process for granting power of attorney varies by state, but in general you must:

  • Complete a Power of Attorney application. Your DMV may provide this form. If the form offers a list of assigned powers (i.e. to record a lien or to apply for a car registration) be certain to check the line or box for granting power to replace car title. We can't emphasize this enough.
  • Have the application notarized.

Once processed, your designated agent will have the authority to obtain a replacement vehicle title for you. This is a handy power to have at your disposal, especially if for whatever reason - sickness, out of state or country, occupied with other affairs - you cannot obtain a duplicate title on your own.

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