Hurricane Harvey: Texas DMV Temporarily Waiving Some Requirements for Victims

By: Bridget Clerkin September 6, 2017
Hurricane Harvey ravaged Texas, and the state's DMV is stepping up to help out, waiving vehicle registration requirements through October.
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In the aftermath of powerful Hurricane Harvey, victims of the storm have been left with plenty to worry about—like where to live or how to deal with insurance. The last thing likely on their minds is their standing with the DMV.

And the state agency understands this, and thinks that’s okay, for now.

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles has temporarily suspended enforcement of some programs for anyone affected by the storm, following an order signed by Governor Greg Abbott on August 31, declaring 58 counties in the state disaster zones.

For residents of those counties (you can find the map here), the following changes will remain in place until October 16:

  • There will be no citations issued for expired registration. Law enforcement officers will simply give a warning throughout the time period.
  • After purchasing a new vehicle, you will have 75 days to transfer it to the purchaser’s name, rather than 30 days. (And, if you’re purchasing a vehicle, make sure to be wary of potential flood damage.)

Residents who recently renewed their vehicle’s registration through the mail or at a DMV office should also expect delays of up to several weeks before receiving the appropriate registration sticker, according to the state tax office.

The agency recommends renewing online instead and providing an address not affected by the flooding. Renewals made through service desks at H-E-B stores and Kroger locations will have a 5-day grace period.

The DMV has also lifted the need for some permits for commercial vehicles to travel through the affected counties, in an effort to get disaster aid there more easily, as well as temporarily suspended the issuance of oversize/overweight permits for some vehicles in disaster counties.

You can the most updated information on the Texas DMV website, where the agency is also keeping track of any office closures from the storm.

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