Trucker Testing: Commercial Drivers License Exams

By: Kat Saks August 3, 2012
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When you're ready to get behind the wheel of a tractor trailer, you'll have to put your trucking skills to the test with a commercial drivers license (CDL) exam.

Anyone who wants to drive a commercial vehicle must obtain a CDL.

While CDL testing varies from state to state, one thing is certain: A commercial drivers license exam will cover plenty of material that would never appear on a typical drivers license test.

Take a look under the hood of the CDL exam process so you can fully prepare for your truck driving testing.

CDL Test Parts

Commercial drivers license tests include four parts:

  • Vision
  • Medical
  • Written (or knowledge)
  • Driving (or road)

Vision and Medical Tests

The vision and medical tests provide proof of your general health and ability to physically operate a tractor trailer. These exams don't require any preparation beyond eating your Wheaties and staying healthy.

But, in order to pass the written and driving tests, you'll want to study up.

The Written CDL Exam

The written portion of the commercial drivers license exam covers many subjects, including, but not limited to:

  • General commercial vehicle education.
  • Basic and advanced truck driving operation.
  • Truck driving theory.
  • Trucking safety.
  • Relevant road signs.
  • Traffic rules.

With so many topics to cover on the test, you'll want to prepare thoroughly for taking the exam. Commercial driver education can help you buff up on your trucking knowledge. Also, consider taking a few online commercial drivers license practice tests to get familiar with the exam.

The Driving CDL Exam

In this portion of the commercial drivers license testing process, the pedal hits the metal. You'll get behind the wheel of a tractor trailer to demonstrate your hands-on trucking skills.

Truck driving can be far more challenging than driving a standard automobile. In a truck driving school, you'll learn all the skills you need to operate a tractor trailer, including:

  • General commercial vehicle education such as the essential features and necessary maintenance of trucks.
  • Basic and advanced truck driving operation and hands-on skills.
  • Trucking safety.
  • Safe cargo handling.

In addition to these hands-on skills, commercial drivers license education programs cover other important aspects of trucking, such as:

  • Truck driving theory.
  • Commercial drivers license test preparation.
  • Professionalism for truckers.
  • Lifestyle and family concerns.
  • Other relevant aspects of the truck driving experience.

Consider enrolling in a CDL driver education to hone your hands-on driving skills. On exam day, your preparation will make you feel much more confident behind the wheel.

Do you have a commercial driver's license? Tell us about your test-taking experience and what you did to prepare.

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