Training for Trucking: Enroll in CDL Driver Education

By: Kat Saks August 3, 2012
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Want to be the king (or queen) of the road? If you're considering a stint as a truck driver, you'll need a commercial drivers license (CDL).

Requirements for obtaining a CDL differ from state-to-state, but all states require:

  • A vision exam.
  • A medical exam.
  • A written exam.
  • A three-part driving skills exam.

Commercial drivers license exams are more rigorous than typical drivers license tests. But, with the proper training, you can pass your CDL exam with flying colors.

CDL Driver Education: Prepare for Your CDL Exams

You can't do much to train for your vision and medical exams, but you can prepare for the written and driving portions of your test. Commercial truck driving education courses provide soup-to-nuts training for your trucking tests.

In truck driving school, you'll receive two types of training: behind-the-wheel and classroom. Your behind-the-wheel training will cover many important hands-on aspects of the trucking experience, including but not limited to:

  • Basic and advanced truck driving operation and hands-on skills.
  • General commercial vehicle education such as the essential features and necessary maintenance of trucks.
  • Trucking safety.
  • Safe cargo handling.

In the classroom, topics will include:

  • Truck driving theory.
  • Professionalism for truckers.
  • Lifestyle and family concerns.
  • Additional commercial drivers license test preparation.
  • Other relevant aspects of the truck driving experience.

Commercial driver education programs often last up to 200 hours. With such a comprehensive curriculum - and the additional CDL practice tests you can take - truck driving school is a sound investment for anyone who plans on taking a commercial drivers license exam. Whether you're renewing your CDL after years of experience on the road, or you're just hopping up into the cab for the first time, a commercial driver education course can help you improve your skills behind the wheel of a tractor trailer.

Do you have a commercial driver's license? Tell us about your training experience in the comments section below.

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