Toyota Will Electrify Vehicle Fleet by 2025

By: Ryan Gallagher December 22, 2017
Toyota officials announced they intend to produce every vehicle in their lineup with an all-electric or hybrid option, like this 2018 Avalon.
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Toyota Motors will offer an electric or hybrid version of all of their vehicle models by 2025, company officials announced on December 18. 

What’s more, Toyota officials are planning on electrified cars accounting for more than half of their worldwide sales—or 5.5 million cars per year—by 2030. The campaign will begin with the carmaker’s target market China, and will expand gradually into Japan, the U.S., and India.

Toyota leaders intend to show customers, and the world at large, that their company is committed to a clean environment by placing their focus on new hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, battery electric vehicles, and fuel cell electric vehicles.

“Toyota aims to reduce global average new-vehicle CO2 emissions by 90% from 2010 levels,” according to a company press release.

In order to see this challenge through, the automobile manufacturer will begin to work with Panasonic to make “next-generation solid-state batteries” lighter and cheaper by 2020.

Toyota will join the laundry list of companies that have also vowed to go electric in the coming years. Car producers such as Volkswagen, Tesla, Mercedes, and Volvo all have similar goals.

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