Top 5 Car Insurance Commercials

By: Angelo Ilumba November 3, 2014
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Best Car Insurance Commercials

Even before my career became intertwined with the car insurance industry, I had a love of car insurance commercials.

In the early 2000s, car insurance commercials, along with candy commercials, started going a route not used by most industries in their advertising. Instead of solely giving the details of their product, car insurance ads (especially TV ads) are becoming more clever.

Certain auto insurance companies began attempting to win the consumer over with humor, rather than with details of the product. And car insurance commercials are still among the funnier commercials in heavy rotation.

It is my pleasure to present to you with a list of our favorite car insurance commercials.

5. Good Life Anthem - Allstate

While we love a funny commercial, we also love an inspirational one. This particular commercial isn’t strictly a car insurance commercial, but does touch on Allstate’s offerings (which includes car insurance).

This commercial is both moving and inspirational; its basic premise is that while life is full of risks and there is always a possibility of bad things happening, you shouldn’t let them get in the way of living the good life.

We can get behind that message.

4. Worry-Free - Bangkok Insurance 

This commercial from Bangkok Insurance takes the honor of best foreign car insurance commercial.

There are some great foreign car insurance commercials out there; however, many of them were less than work-appropriate, so we picked the funniest of the G-rated commercials. This commercial got a big roar of laughter from our team upon first viewing.

Did the valet absolutely destroy your car? Don’t worry; your insurance will handle it. Go talk to that friend you haven’t seen for a while!

3. Caveman at the Airport - Geico

Here at number 3 on our list is our favorite from Geico’s classic caveman ad campaign.

There’s something about the combination of this song and the actor’s work in this clip that so perfectly captures both the loneliness of traveling solo and that awful feeling of being upset and having nobody to share your frustrations with.

It’s hilarious, and it gets us every time.

2. Peer Pressure - Progressive

Progressive’s Flo is possibly one of the most recognizable commercial characters in existence, and there is no denying the humor of our number 2 commercial.

While things kind of start off a bit slowly in this ad, the final few lines, with Flo trying her best to fade into blackness, are tickling.

1. Bird in the Hand - Geico

With this commercial, Geico returns to list at the number 1 spot. This one made it around the office with literal laugh-out-loud reactions.

Each time you watch this commercial you could easily find something new that you love about it. That’s why this commercial is unique and wins the number 1 spot for best insurance commercial.

After watching some of these clever ads, you may feel like buying some insurance. If you do, you can check some online car insurance quotes right here on our site. Remember, it’s not just the humor of the ads that count. Take into consideration your coverage needs, your budget, and the company’s customer service before deciding on a provider.

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