South Carolina DMV Now Accepting Online License Renewals

By: Ryan Gallagher October 26, 2017
Drivers in South Carolina may now renew their driver's licenses online in certain situations, saving a trip to the DMV.
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South Carolinians now have one less reason to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). This month, the South Carolina DMV launched a new online driver’s license renewal service.

South Carolina drivers with class D, E, F or M licenses (or any combination of the four) are now eligible to renew them online at the SCDMV website. These online renewals are only accepted from residents whose driving privileges are in good standing.

“This eliminates the need to visit an SCDMV branch and keeps wait times and lines shorter for the public,” said executive director Kevin Shwedo. “We’re a customer-centric agency, and this is a small step in the process of bringing the SCDMV to customers, instead of making customers come to us.” 

South Carolina driver’s licenses expire every five years, and the new online option allows drivers to renew online every other renewal year. So, anyone who renews by mail or online for their next renewal will then have to go to their local SCDMV office to get their photo taken for the following renewal.

“Customers who did not renew their license the last time by mail can go to our website, confirm their address, and order their new license with a valid credit card,” said Director of Driver Services Annie Phelps. “We’ll use your current photograph and mail your new license. When renewing online, you’ll pay $12.50 for a five-year license. Please destroy your old license when you receive your new one.”

However, there are certain South Carolinians who will not qualify to renew their licenses online. Residents with an identification card, a commercial driver’s license, or those not from the United States will be required to renew in a SCDMV branch.

Drivers eligible for online renewal will pay for their card online, and receive the new card in the mail. And, they’ll save another trip to the DMV—priceless.

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