RV and Motorhome Buying Tips

By: Kat Saks July 21, 2012
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Ready to hit the road in an RV? Before you buy, do some research. Follow these RV buying tips to help you find the best motor home for your needs.

Rent an RV First

Give your dream-home-on-wheels a spin before you buy. Owning and maintaining a recreational vehicle can be a lot of work. Consider renting a motorhome for your next vacation and decide if motorhome vacationing is right for you.

Do Some RV Research

Read up on RVs so you feel well-informed when speaking with a salesperson. Determine which RV manufacturers and brands you trust by searching online, reading brochures and customer reviews, and attending factory tours or local RV shows.

Learn about the options available, and the pros and cons of each manufacturer and brand.

Pick the Right Type of RV

RVs come in many shapes, sizes, and prices. Determine what type of mobile home best suits your lifestyle and your budget.

Do you want a pared down ride with just the basic essentials? Or do you want to ride in the lap of luxury? Do you want a towable motor home, a truck camper or a motorized RV? Do you want to buy new or used?

Jot down your basic buying parameters before you get on the sales lot.

Pick Your RV Floor Plan and Options

When you plan on spending significant time in the quarters of a motorhome, you want to ensure the layout meets your needs. Take a good look at floor plans and the options of an RV before you buy.

Consider your preferences on:

  • Number of bedrooms and room sizes.
  • Type of bathroom (i.e., split or walk-through).
  • Amount of counter space and storage space.
  • Kitchen location and amenities.

Find a Reputable RV Dealership

Take your business to someone you can trust. You want to buy your motorhome from a dealership that will stand by its sale. Ask your dealership about their warranty policy, their service offerings and their ability to perform routine maintenance and repairs.

You'll feel more comfortable buying from someone who can keep your RV running for the long haul.

Test Drive Your Potential RV Purchase

Once you find the RV that strikes your fancy, take it for a drive!

If you typically drive a standard automobile, you might feel a little intimidated behind the wheel of a motor home. You want to ensure you can drive your RV with confidence. Pay attention during the test drive to how the mobile home drives and make sure it meets your performance standards.

Protect Your Mobile Home Purchase

Buying a recreational vehicle is a big investment. You might want to protect your purchase with an extended service contract that offers coverage beyond the warranty period.

Also, look into RV insurance. Mobile home insurance differs from a car insurance policy. This specialized coverage might come in handy if you have an accident.

Lastly, look into the costs associated with registering your RV. This is one expense you can't skip if you plan on taking your motorhome on the open road.

Do you own an RV? What are your tips for new RV buyers? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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