Retaking the Motorcycle License Test: What to Do if You Fail

By: Kathy Teel July 9, 2012
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If you fail the motorcycle licensing test, you might be embarrassed, but it's not the end of the world. Keep these tips in mind if you need to retake the motorcycle written exam or riding test.

You Can Retake the Motorcycle License Test

States differ on the amount of time that must elapse after taking the original motorcycle driving test. In most jurisdictions, you must wait a period of one or two weeks to retake the skills test, while you can retake the written exam the next day.

The criteria for passing the retake are the same as passing the original motorcycle license test. Most states require an applicant to pass a multiple-choice test based on material from the state's motorcycle handbook. If applicants miss a percentage of the written questions, they will be required to come back at a later date to retake the test again.

You and Your Motorcycle Must Be Roadworthy

Just as before, you will be required to complete a skills test once you have passed the written test. You pay the same fees as before, and you must furnish a motorcycle for the test that is already equipped, registered, inspected, insured, and in good working order. If the motorcycle is not roadworthy, you won’t be allowed to retake the motorcycle license test.

Study Your State's Motorcycle Manual

The best and easiest way to bone up on the motorcycle driving test is to review the state's motorcycle handbook. In addition to studying the motorcycle manual, take a few motorcycle practice tests and road sign practice tests.

Check the DMV Website

Some states' Department of Motor Vehicles websites tell the applicant what to practice in preparing for the skills portion of the motorcycle driving test.

The test usually includes things like a left turn, a controlled stop, a right hand U-turn, a quick stop, and an obstacle swerve. Going over these moves will help you pass the motorcycle license test.

Have you ever had to retake the motorcycle license test? What tips can you offer other testers?

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