Requirements for Selling a Recreational Vehicle

By: Staff Writer July 21, 2012
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The steps for selling a recreational vehicle (RV) are similar to those for selling a used car:

  1. Determine the selling price based on fair market value. There are two good sources for this: Kelley Blue Book and the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA). In most cases you'll be presented with several prices with Retail Price the highest and Wholesale Value the lowest. Try to aim in between these two figures.
  2. Try, if possible, to obtain a vehicle history report, a valuable aid when selling any type of vehicle, including motorhomes. This will not only help you settle on a fair price, but it will also help establish immediate credibility with potential buyers. These reports provide a wealth of past information including past owners and detailed service records. In most cases, you can order a vehicle history report online, and have in your possession within seconds.
  3. Make your motor home seller-friendly. Clean the interior and exterior, making the mobile home as presentable as possible.
  4. If you reside in a state requiring emissions testing for mobile homes, have proof of passing a smog check. This is important. Especially for an in-state buyer who will need this information during the title transfer for eventual RV registration.
  5. Place the RV on market. Advertising online widens your reach from regional to national. Be sure to include several photos of both the interior and exterior. Avoid generalizations like "loaded." Favor specifics like slide-outs and satellite system.
  6. Have all your documents in order when it comes time to sell. This includes a bill of sale even if your state does not require it. Always retain copies of every document used in the transaction.
  7. Before signing over the title, take the time to verify payment. Confirm with the buyer's bank that the check – personal or cashier – is legitimate. Check with your state motor vehicle agency on requirements for transferring the title.
  8.  Notify your Department of Vehicles (DMV) of the sale, if required in your state.

Do you have any experience with selling motor homes? Share your selling experiences with fellow RV owners by leaving your wisdom in the comment section below.

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