Reasons to Run a Background Check

By: Kat Saks September 14, 2012
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People say information is power. Often, the more information you have in a situation, the better decisions you can make. Thus, background checks can help you find useful information when you need it.

Read on to discover some reasons why you might decide to run a criminal background check.

Background Checks for Employment Purposes

Many employers run a background check or criminal record check on potential hires and current employees.

For an employer, a background check can serve a number of purposes:

  • Verify someone's identity.
  • Understand a person's criminal history.
  • Help uphold workplace safety by hiring trustworthy individuals.
  • Conform with company security clearance guidelines. Some companies require security clearance before hiring. A criminal history might prevent a potential employee from meeting security standards.

As an employer, when you run a criminal background check, you can feel more confident in your knowledge of the person you want to hire.

Background Checks for a Loan

Lenders and bank professionals often perform background check before issuing loans. As a lender, you might use a criminal background check to help assess the level of risk associated with providing someone a loan. If the loan applicant has a criminal record, you might question his or her ability to uphold the loan.

Background Checks for Landlords

When you lease property to someone, you want to hand over the keys with confidence. A background check can help you learn more about a potential tenant and help you avoid leasing to an unruly or disreputable tenant.

Background Checks for Personal Reasons

Some people choose their company very carefully. You might choose to run a background check on a personal acquaintance, or even a date. When you meet someone for the first time, you might harbor some concerns about your safety. A background check can help you feel more comfortable and secure when you branch out and meet someone new.

Ultimately, you don't need to justify your reasons for performing a criminal background check. The information provided in most background checks is part of the public record. So, anyone can access background check data.

Have you ever performed a background check? What for? Did the background check help you make a decision? Tell us about your experience in the comments section.

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