Learn Your State's Motorcycle Permit Requirements

By: Kat Saks June 18, 2012
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Whether you're a rebel without a cause or an easy rider, if you want to hop on a motorcycle, you need a motorcycle license.

Before you get a full-fledged license, though, you might need a motorcycle permit first.

Motorcycle license requirements vary from state to state. Some states require a motorcycle permit first, similar to requiring regular drivers to get a learners permit first, and other states don't require them.

Motorcycle Permit Age Requirements

Generally, motorcycle permit requirements begin with age, meaning, most states that require permits require them of younger bikers.

However, sometimes the young-at-heart have to get them, too.

Check your state's motorcycle permit requirements for age regulations.

Pass a Motorcycle Permit Test

Typically, states that require a motorcycle permit also require you to pass a written motorcycle permit test. This test is similar to the one you have to pass to obtain a regular drivers permit.

Study your state's motorcycle handbook to learn all the rules and regulations that apply to bikers. Your written permit test will cover the same material presented in the handbook.

NOTE: Your state might also require you to pass a vision exam before issuing your permit.

Motorcycle Permit Rules and Restrictions

Once you receive your permit, you might be ready to rev your engine and ride.

Not so fast!

Before you get out of Dodge, learn your state's laws governing motorcycle permit holders.

Chances are, you learned these rules while you studied for your written exam. Laws vary by state, of course, but generally motorcycle learners permit holders can't:

  • Ride at night.
  • Ride on the freeway.
  • Ride with passengers.

Does your state require a motorcycle permit before you can get your motorcycle license? Tell us about your experience getting licensed to ride your bike!

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