Know the Signs: How to Prepare for the Road Signs Test

By: Kat Saks June 25, 2012
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Are you preparing for a road signs test? Follow the signs toward a successful exam with these tips.

Destination: Driver's License Test

The road sign test assesses your knowledge of common traffic signs and is part of the written portion of a driver's license exam. The road signs test is included in every type of driver's license test, including test for:

  • Driver’s licenses
  • Driver permits
  • Motorcycle licenses
  • Commercial driver’s licenses

This Way Forward: How to Prepare for Your Test

Drivers license exams include a road portion to test your skills on the road and a written portion to test your driving knowledge. You can prepare for the road portion of a drivers license test by getting experience behind the wheel. You can prepare for the written portion of a driver's license test by studying your state's rules and regulations.

There are several great resources to help you prepare for the written portion of a drivers license exam:

  • DMV practice tests, which help you review state-specific traffic laws, road signs, and safe-driving practices that might be covered in the actual written exam. You can find state-specific DMV practice tests online through third-party vendors.
  • Your state's driver handbook or manual, which includes everything you need to know about your state's driving rules.
  • Road signs practice tests, which quiz you on the written signs and symbols you see on the road.

Proceed With Caution: Take Time to Study Up!

Don't save your studying for the last minute. Prepare for your road signs test well in advance with one of the many study resources at your fingertips. Spend time each day taking practice tests, and keep your eyes open when you're driving! If you see unfamiliar traffic signs on the road, look them up in your study resources so you're ready to identify them properly on your test.

Have you taken a road signs test recently? Leave a comment about how you prepared for the exam!

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