How to Report a Damaged or Missing Road Sign

By: Nadia Ibanez August 1, 2012
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For a number of reasons, road signs seem to go missing or become damaged. Severe weather, car accidents and even theft are reasons why road signs need repair or replacement.

We all learned the importance of reading traffic signs while studying for road sign practice tests, the permit test, and the drivers license test, so you can imagine how dangerous driving can become when these signs go missing.

If you notice that a traffic sign in your neighborhood needs some attention, there are a few ways to notify the officials.

Notify the City of Missing Traffic Signs

One of the easiest ways to report a damaged or missing traffic sign is going to the city directly. Your city will most likely have its own website where you can contact committee members and the appropriate departments.

Some engineering and transportation departments can be reached by phone, email, or have contact forms available on these websites. Cities like New York City have a hotline that residents can call to report traffic issues. By dialing 311, New Yorkers can report damaged or missing street lights and signs.

Contact the DMV

In some states, you can contact your DMV or other state motor vehicle agency to report any road sign damage. You may think the DMV is just somewhere to get your license, take a permit test, or register your new car, but the DMV also has the capability to notify the city for sign repairs.

What you Need to Know about Reporting Missing Road Signs

Make sure to jot down the location of where the missing sign is and feel free to mention any other additional comments. If the street corner is susceptible to theft, or if the sign oftentimes becomes uprooted during harsh storms, make this known to the officials.

Some transportation departments will prioritize which road sign repair to take care of first if several signs need attention. If the missing sign has a direct impact on the safety of others, make sure the officials are well aware of your concerns.

Does your city offer any special services for reporting a damaged or missing traffic sign?

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