How to Replace Lost Registration and Tags

By: Josh Tyson June 20, 2012
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So, you lost your car registration?

Don't fret. It happens. Losing a vehicle registration certificate or license plate tag (those small, square registration stickers that fasten to the rear license plate) is so common, all Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) offices have easy systems in place for obtaining replacements.

Order Duplicate Car Registration Certificate

Keep in mind that every state governs differently, maintaining different requirements for different tasks.

Still, for the most part, you will need to follow some or all of the following requirements to replace lost registration documents:

  • Proper Identification: In most cases you will need to appear in person with proper identification, which varies by state. Some offices might only require your driver's license; other offices might require additional ID. Check your state's registration replacement requirements.
  • Applicable Fees: Have proper payment to cover duplicate fees. The exact duplicate vehicle registration fee varies by state, but in comparison to other DMV documents, the cost will be minor. Nebraska, for example, charges $6.75, West Virginia $5, and Missouri $12.
  • Completed Applications: Chances are, you'll have to complete the same car registration application you did when you applied for registration.

NOTE: If you apply in person, you will walk with a new car registration certificate in hand.Some states may allow for applying by mail or online. Both options, if available, are big on convenience, but take longer to process – usually several days.

Check your state's requirements for replacing lost registration to find exact identification, fee, and application information.

Order Registration Tags

Follow the same steps as described above. The fees, however, will be much less, usually costing less than a dollar.

Have you ever had to replace your vehicle registration or tags? How smooth was the process for you?

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