How to Apply for Your Learner's Permit

By: Kathy Teel June 18, 2012
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Teen Driver in Car

A learner's permit enables new drivers to gain valuable firsthand driving experience under the supervision of a licensed adult.

Basic Steps to Applying for Your Learner's Permit

To obtain your learner's permit, follow these simple steps.

  • Practice for the permit test. You can find sample permit tests online, that can be a real help in obtaining your learner's permit. Consider also an online driver's education course, or review your notes from an earlier driver's education class.
  • Go to your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) branch. Some places require an appointment for the permit test, so be sure to call ahead.
  • Meet the learner's permit requirements. Not having proper documentation will almost certainly result in an incomplete application. In general, you will need proof of your identity (think birth certificate, previous learner’s permit, or Social Security card), and proof of residence (a few pieces of mail often suffice).
  • Pay the learner's permit fee (varies depending on your state).

NOTE: The process may vary slightly from state to state. Check your state's driver permit regulations.

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