How to Remove Your Car Registration Sticker

By: Nadia Ibanez April 24, 2012
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Some people like to cascade past registration stickers on their license plates or windshields, but others like to wash away the year prior by taking last year’s sticker off.

Car Registration Sticker Removal for License Plates

If you’re one that wants to start with a brand new, clean slate when it comes to the new year’s sticker, here are some tips on how to remove your car registration sticker from your license plate.

  1. Use your fingers, or even a credit card or plastic razor blade, to take off as much as the sticker that will come off. Using a metal razor blade may scratch up your license plate, so remember to go with a plastic one.
  2. Use a wet sponge to wipe away some of the adhesive and to wear down some of the sticker. In addition to water, trying using baby oil or rubbing alcohol to further remove the sticker. You may want to let the sticker sit for a few minutes before you attempt to take off the rest.
  3. Try lifting the corner of the sticker and pull it back. If the sticker doesn’t come off completely, repeat the second tip as needed. (Keep in mind that using acetone, paint thinner or adhesive remover might actually remove the paint from the license plate, so use a less-invasive removal liquid.)
  4. Wipe any of the remaining adhesive once you’ve completely removed the sticker. Now would also be a good time to wipe down the entire license plate to get ready to put on this year’s new car registration sticker.
  5. Allow the license plate to air dry completely before you put on the new registration sticker.

Vehicle Registration Sticker Removal for Windshields

In some states, the vehicle registration is on the windshield, so the removal is a bit different.

Use a razor blade or box cutter and start at any corner that is peeling. If every corner is intact, start at the top left corner. Run the blade under the sticker and pull on it as you begin to scrape it off. It’s easiest to scrape diagonally and spray the area with a window cleaner to clean any residue.

No matter where the sticker is located, getting it off can be tricky. Do you have any additional tips for removing car registration stickers?

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