How to Prepare for Your First Driver's License Test

By: Josh Tyson June 1, 2012
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Few things are as exciting and terrifying as your first driving test. It is the keystone hurdle when applying for a new driver's license.

Do well and you'll have legal access to America's signature canvas of freedom - the open road. Blow it and you have to explain to your eager friends who you won't be driving them to the mall today.

Take DMV Practice Tests

Practice makes perfect, right? Sample questions covered on state-specific practice tests can help prepare you for obtaining a drivers license, learners permit, motorcycle license, and even a commercial license.

Obviously these online tests are for the written test you take before obtaining these different licenses, but the questions that pepper the thrilling multiple-choice odyssey before you will carve the sacred rules of the road into your brain.

There are also DMV practice tests and driver license handbooks available through the state motor vehicle agencies that can help prepare you for the license test.

Earn Your Learner's Permit

Now that you've taken enough practice tests that the sight of a statement like "You should drive on the shoulder to pass a car only:" causes you to screech "UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE!" in a fever pitch, you are ready to get behind the wheel. A learner's permit is a logical next step.

Generally speaking, a learner's permit allows you to drive a car when accompanied by a fully licensed guardian or family member and you have to dive-roll through a few flaming hoops to get one. Most states require applicants to pass vision and written tests, and have strict age requirements.

Driving with people who have driven before will help you learn to drive. Harass your loved ones at all waking hours to please, please, please take you out driving.

Time for Your Driving Test

In most states, you need to make an appointment to take your road test, and there are a handful of things you will likely need to bring with you. In Florida, for instance, you must take a Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Course if you’ve never had a license before. You will need to bring proof that you completed said course.

Other Stuff to Bring

  • A parental consent form, if you’re a minor.
  • Eyes and ears for taking onsite vision and hearing tests.
  • Your Social Security card, if you have one.
  • Proof of  address.
  • Primary and secondary forms of identification.
  • Money--check with your state for acceptable forms of payment.

Finally, the Test

All you have to do now is take a very stoic person with a pen and a clipboard for a short drive. Keep your hands on the wheel, your mouth shut, and your eyes on the road. If you've followed our amazing advice, you will be taxiing your friends to the food court before you know it.

Before you head out for your driving test, consult our new driver's checklist to make sure you've followed all the necessary steps (kept your learner's permit for the right amount of time, made your test appointment, etc.) and gathered up all the items you need.

How'd your first driving test go?

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