How to Find the Nearest DMV Office Location

By: Staff Writer August 4, 2012
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Need to conduct business at a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office, but only know of one location that requires driving across town in heavy stop-and-go traffic?

"There's got to be a closer DMV office," you say to yourself. And in all likelihood there is. You just need to find it.

Fortunately, locating a DMV office near your home is actually quite easy. The best way to start is by visiting your state's DMV website and search for locations. Depending on your DMV, you'll either be shown an alphabetical list – usually by county – or a search-by-zip-code box. After typing in your zip code you'll be given a list of nearby offices.

In some instances, DMV locations will be divided into two categories:

  • Drivers License: This office covers everything related to driver licenses including renewals, tests, and ID cards.
  • Motor Vehicles: This office handles everything motor vehicle related including titling, license plates, and vehicle registrations.

If you live in state that divides offices by services – Pennsylvania and Georgia are two examples – be sure you visit the one that handles your current needs.

Before Visiting a DMV Office

Depending on your needs, an appointment may be required prior to arriving.

Most states, for instance, require an appointment for a road test. Generally this can be done by phone or online. Some states – Vermont, for example – recommend appointments for written tests, too.

Bear in mind that some states get prickly over missed appointments. Be sure to submit advance notice if you need to cancel.

Also, call ahead to confirm hours. Many offices change hours without notice, often to correspond with changing seasons. And ask about accepted forms of payment. Credit and debit cards are still not accepted at many locations.

How up to par is your state on offering close, convenient DMV locations?

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