How to Download Driver Manuals to Your Computer

By: Staff Writer September 18, 2012
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All driver's licensing and Depatment of Motor Vehicles Departments and agencies offices offer the following driver's license handbooks:

  • Drivers license
  • Motorcycle license or endorsement
  • Commercial drivers license (CDL)

These manuals are essential reading for preparing for a particular license exam (motorcycle license, driver license, commercial license). Most DMV websites provide these manuals online for you to download. All that's required is a computer with the proper software, and depending on your needs, a printer.

Downloading a Driver License Manual

Most DMV license handbooks are in Portable Document Format (PDF), a file format created by Adobe for document exchange. To view or print these files you need Adobe Reader software, which you can download in a matter of minutes for free. Depending on your DMV's website, you may need the latest version of Adobe Reader (in most cases version number 7.0 or later). If so, you will be instructed by your DMV on how to upgrade your system.

Because of the sheer bulk of DMV manuals, many totaling more than 100 pages, it's best you download from a high-speed computer. Otherwise, you'll need to exhibit patience for it will take awhile to completely download.

Given the size of the manuals, some DMV websites now offer them by chapter. The New York DMV, for example, breaks its drivers license manual into 12 separate chapters.

Driver License Manual Downloading Problems

You might experience several driver manual downloading problems stemming from your computer, your server, the DMV's website, or even your Adobe reader software. Some DMV websites offer information on downloading problems, including browser requirements.

If you cannot find a downloading troubleshooting page, call your local DMV office and talk with a customer representative. If the agent cannot solve your problem, they can at the very least recommend you to another contact.

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