Drive Away Your Permit Test Day Jitters

By: Kat Saks June 17, 2012
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After long hours of studying and practice, you are finally taking your drivers permit test.

In addition to feeling excited, you might feel a little nervous!

Don't fret. With a little preparation, you can put your test day jitters at bay.

The Night Before Permit Test Day

A good test day begins the night before. Follow these tips to help you wake up on exam day with your game face on:

  • Review your drivers handbook and consider taking one last practice test for good measure. (Remember, if your driver manual doesn't have a practice test, you can get free and low-cost practice permit tests online.)
  • Double check to ensure you have all necessary learner's permit paperwork on hand. If have all the required documentation, most states provide you a learners permit right after you pass your permit test.
  • Double check your appointment time. While some states offer walk-in drivers permit tests, many states require you to set up an appointment in advance. Take a second look at your calendar to make sure you have the correct appointment time.
  • Get some shut eye! Don't stay up 'til all hours of the night cramming for your exam. If you show up to your appointment feeling tired, you might not perform very well. Tuck yourself in early so you feel well-rested and alert on test day.

On Permit Test Day

The big day is here! Woohoo!

Heed this advice for exam day:

  • Food is fuel. Eat a healthy, hearty meal before your test. When you arrive to your exam well-fed, you will have more energy and may even feel more alert. Avoid eating anything too heavy, though. With an overly full belly, you might feel groggy behind the wheel.
  • Ensure you have the proper payment ready. All states require a fee for processing your drivers permit application. Fees and payment methods differ from state-to-state, so check your state's requirements before you arrive on site.
  • Don't forget your paperwork! Before you rush out the door in a flurry of excitement, be sure to grab the documentation you set aside last night.
  • Arrive early. Rushing  to your permit testing site will only heighten any nervousness you might feel. Give yourself ample time to travel to the testing office.
  • Take a few deep breaths. If you feel anxious, just close your eyes for a moment and breathe. If you studied well for the exam, you will likely pass! Have confidence in yourself and your knowledge of the material.

Everyone has his or her own test-taking tips. What's your advice for those testing for the drivers permit?

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