DMV Now: Making Registration Convenient Again

By: Ryan Gallagher July 21, 2017
In and around the LA area, you can now update your vehicle registration at CA DMV kiosks in grocery stores.
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One-stop shopping in 2017: burgers, beer, deli meats, and… vehicle registration? No, it is not a partnership between Amazon, Walmart, and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)—but it’s almost as convenient.

Self-service vehicle registration kiosks are popping up in grocery stores around the greater Los Angeles area. These kiosks, branded DMV Now, are evidence of the California DMV’s effort to create a more convenient registration experience.

Drivers can renew their vehicle registration in any store hosting a yellow touch-screen DMV Now kiosk, which accepts cash, credit/debit cards, and checks. Patrons only need payment and a completed renewal notice or their most recent registration card in order to complete the transaction. These self-service ports then print a new registration card and plate tags on site.

The Department started using self-service kiosks at their own branches in 2010, but just recently expanded DMV Now into Albertsons, Superior, and Vons grocery stores around the City of Angels.

“Grocery stores nowadays are kind of becoming that one-stop-shop,” said DMV Spokesperson Jessica Gonzalez. “You go there, you get your grocery shopping done as well. That’s kind of the idea behind this. . . .It takes about two minutes and you’re done.”

A map of the 12 current DMV Now locations is available from the CA DMV. Additional kiosks will be added in 12 more LA-area grocery stores by September, Gonzalez said.

In the future, DMV Now terminals may become even more versatile. In addition to the current services provided, future kiosks could also renew driver’s licenses or make an address change.

While we are still waiting for automotive improvements like the first flying car, advancements in DMV convenience is definitely a step in the right direction.

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