Self-Service DMV Kiosks Come to 5 More States

By: Danielle Mauldin December 27, 2018
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It’s no secret that as technology continues to advance, computers are taking over and making our lives easier every day. We rely on these machines to ring up our groceries at the supermarket and pour us custom soft drinks at fast food joints.

But what if you could use a similar kind of machine to complete a task that would otherwise have to be done at the DMV? Similar to California’s DMV Now kiosks—and in an effort to minimize in-person wait times—more states are adding self-serving kiosks as an option to complete tasks like renewing your license and registration.

California's DMV Now kiosk.

So far, the following states have also implemented the use of these machines:

  • West Virginia
  • Nevada
  • South Dakota
  • Georgia
  • Colorado

Read on to learn how each state is utilizing this kiosk technology to cut down on customer wait time.

West Virginia

Sharing the name with California’s “DMV Now” kiosks, West Virginia’s self-service kiosks are available at multiple DMV and retail locations. Some kiosks are even accessible 24 hours a day.

West Virginia’s DMV Now kiosks are especially handy compared to many of the self-service kiosks in other states because they not only allow you to renew your registration, but they also let you renew your license, too. Just think about all the time you could save—and all the relaxing you could do—not waiting in line at the DMV.

As of right now, you can also use the machines to access your driver license record and apply for a duplicate registration card. West Virginia’s DMV plans to continue adding services to the kiosks in the future.


Available in both English and Spanish, Nevada’s “DMV in a Box” can guide you through renewing your registration, replacing your registration and decal, reinstating insurance suspensions, as well as accessing a driver history printout.

So far, DMV in a Box kiosks can be found at select DMV offices as well as retail locations all around Nevada. All DMV in a Box kiosks accept check, debit, or credit card; you can only use cash at kiosks in DMV offices.

South Dakota

South Dakota is another state jumping on this registration-robot bandwagon.

For just $2, users can renew their registration up to 90 days before and 30 days after its expiration date at any of the 10 self-service terminals (SST) throughout South Dakota.


A total of 24 Georgia counties are now on board with MVD self-serving kiosks. The state’s impressive system takes less than 2 minutes to help you complete a registration renewal.

However, there are some limitations to using the self-serving kiosks in Georgia. For example, you can only use them if:

  • Your vehicle is registered in one of the participating counties.
  • You have proof of liability insurance and a vehicle inspection on file (if applicable).
  • The address on your renewal notice is correct.
  • You have a valid Georgia license.
As long as you meet all of the above conditions, you can renew up to 10 registrations in one visit!


In Colorado, you can use an MV Express kiosk to renew your registration for only $3. But just like Georgia, your vehicle must be registered in one of the 26 participating counties.

Who’s Next?

A wide swath of states from all over the U.S. have taken the plunge with these helpful DMV kiosks. If these states see success, keep an eye out for other locales to bring these machines online in the future.

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