CDL Holders: Completing the Medical Exam Report Requirement

By: Cara Hopkins July 1, 2012
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Obtaining a commercial drivers license (CDL) can be be very lucrative if you have the right temperament and love being on the open road - but a passion for driving isn't the only requirement.

If you intend to make a career out of having your CDL drivers license, you need to be up to the task, both physically and mentally.

Commercial Driver License Medical Requirements

While individual states manage the application and testing for your CDL, there are some across-the-board federal regulations that require you to have regular physical exams and to carry a current U.S. Department of Transportation medical certificate if you operate vehicles of a certain weight, class, or passenger capacity.

Federal guidelines for holding a commercial driver license require you to keep a good driving record and to pass a physical exam every two years. You will need to carry evidence of a clean medical exam report (i.e., a copy of the medical certificate) in order to stay behind the wheel. Residents of Mexico and Canada may be certified by doctors in their own countries as long as the exams meet U.S. standards.

In addition to the regular vision test that is required of all drivers, CDL holders can be held up for impairments to hearing, for damage to a limb, or for pre-existing conditions such as hypertension or epilepsy. When applying for a medical certificate for your commercial drivers license, you can also expect to be questioned about any history of mental illness or alcohol and substance abuse.

Driving for commercial purposes is a big responsibility, and if you are up to the job, big rewards.

Have you undergone the medical examination for your commercial driver's license?

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