BMW Recalls 1.4 Million Vehicles Due to Fire Risks

By: Ryan Gallagher November 15, 2017
BMW is recalling a number of its vehicles, including the 2011 M3 (pictured here) for flaws in the heating systems which can lead to fires.
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After 40 cases of vehicle fires—one that spread to an entire home—BMW has issued two recalls affecting more than 1 million vehicles in North America. The German automobile manufacturer admitted that two separate issues could lead to fires underneath the vehicles’ hoods

The two recalls could affect 1 in 5 BMW vehicles currently on the road. Car owners are being cautioned to park their vehicles outside rather than in their garage due to the possibility of a vehicle fire spreading to homes or surrounding areas.

BMW owners can enter their vehicle identification number on the company’s recall page to see if their BMW is affected.

The first and largest recall covers 740,000 6-cylinder BMW vehicles. Within this recall are a wide variety of 2007-2011 models, all which have issues with their ventilation valve heater. This heater can get too hot and cause the ventilation valve to melt, even if the car is not being driven

The second recall deals with 673,000 cars, with models ranging from 2006 to 2011, and deals with the vehicles’ wiring for heating and air conditioning. These wires can overheat, melt, and eventually burst into flame. Four drivers have already reported injuries.

BMW dealers expect to begin repairs starting December 18. In the case of the first recall, dealers will replace any faulty heaters. Owners impacted by the second recall will also be able to bring their cars in for new wiring and connectors.

“At BMW the safety of our customers is a top priority,” said BMW spokesman Hector Arellano-Belloc. “We understand the serious nature of a vehicle fire, which is why we are taking appropriate steps to repair our customers’ vehicles.”

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