BMV Will Sponsor License Retention Program in Columbiana County, Ohio

By: Bridget Clerkin November 10, 2015
Ohio residents with suspended licenses may be able to drive again.
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Ohio residents with suspended licenses will get the chance to ask about—or even improve upon—the conditions of their temporarily revoked driving privileges at a workshop later this month.

The Columbiana County Bureau of Motor Vehicles office will hold a “license restoration” workshop on November 18 at the county’s municipal court building, from 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

The event will give those with suspended licenses the chance to meet directly with BMV representatives. The one-on-ones will offer an opportunity for residents to possibly attain limited driving privileges, such as the legal permission to travel to:

  • Work.
  • School.
  • Doctors’ offices.
  • Court or court-ordered community service.

Others may be able to have their suspension lifted entirely.

Bureau of Motor Vehicles staff members will also be available to answer any questions the residents may have. The state workers will be given access to the court’s computer network for the day, allowing them to pull up the details of an individual’s specific case and explain exactly which steps need to be taken next.

That includes paying fees associated with a license restoration. BMV workers at the event will be able to help attendees establish a payment plan of $50 monthly installments toward their debt, no matter how much money an individual owes the institution.

Those hoping to enroll in the payment plan should bring a check or money order payable to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles for $50, to get the plan started.

All others interested in attending the event can call the Columbiana County Municipal Court at (330) 424-5326 to schedule an appointment. In the past, time slots have filled quickly, so Columbiana court officials have recommended for those interested to call ahead.




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