April is Distracted Driving Month

By: Staff Writer April 10, 2015
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Are You a Distracted Driver?

You’ve seen a woman on the phone drift across lanes. You’ve seen a man brushing his hair slam on his brakes. You’ve seen a teen texting and almost hit another car.

You’ve probably been that woman, man, or teen, and you’ve probably experienced those close calls firsthand.

But have you seen what happens when the distracted driver doesn’t swerve in time or can’t stop fast enough? 9 deaths per day occur in the United States because of distracted drivers and countless injuries and accidents are caused by drivers not minding the wheel.

DMV.ORG is concerned about the distracted driving epidemic and the safety of all drivers. To promote safe driving and reduce the number of distracted drivers on our roads, we have launched a year-long distracted driving campaign.

One Distraction Can Steal Your Reaction

DMV.org’s message to all drivers is simple: One distraction can steal your reaction.

Our message is a reminder that a few seconds of distraction can have disastrous results. You’re 23 times more likely to crash if you text and drive, and 3 times more likely to crash if you’re doing something else, like eating, drinking, or adjusting the stereo.

We’re starting our campaign by encouraging everyone to take our distracted driving pledge and join our #mindthewheel campaign.

April is Just The Beginning

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, so we chose this month to kick off our one-year campaign to educate drivers about distracted driving and how to prevent it.

The 3 types of distracted driving (visual, manual, and cognitive) and how to avoid them.
The 3 types of distracted driving and how to avoid them.

Throughout the year, we’ll be adding more information, partnering with national organizations, and spreading our safe driving message across the country.

Do Your Part: Take the Pledge & #mindthewheel

DMV.org and its employees are committed to ending distracted driving by asking you to keep your full attention on the road.

You can show your commitment by pledging to drive distraction-free, sharing your pledge on social media, and tagging others to join you.

By pledging, you promise your friends and family that you’ll:

  • Keep your eyes on the road.
  • Keep your hands on the wheel.
  • Keep your mind on driving.

Don’t forget to show your support on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, emails, and other social media sites with #mindthewheel.

Help us spread the message that distracted driving is reckless driving.

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