Adult Drivers Ed: Learning to Drive After You Turn 18

By: Nadia Ibanez July 15, 2012
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Learning to drive as an adult is generally easier than taking the wheel during your teen years. Because unlike a teen, you, in the minds of DMV officials, have a better grasp on road-responsibilities, resulting in a reduced list of requirements and restrictions.

Why Take a Driver’s Ed Course

Depending on your state, driver's ed might be required. In Texas, for example, beginning drivers up to the age of 24 must complete a certified driver's training course. But in most instances, you'll find applicants 18 or older are exempt from driving school.

Even if drivers education is not mandated, you should still give it strong consideration. Reasons include:

  • Expert instruction from a certified driving teacher
  • You'll be assured of learning the rules of the road
  • You'll learn driving skills designed to make you a lifelong defensive driver
  • A course will better your chances for passing your state's road test
  • A class completion certificate may reduce the amount of time you must hold a learner's permit (this will depend on your state)
  • The remote possibility of receiving a discount on car insurance rates

The good news is you can easily take driver's ed online and save yourself the hassle of sitting in a classroom filled with teens.

Finding Drivers Ed Courses

If your state requires drivers ed, check with your DMV for a list of approved courses. We also cover this in our driver's license checklist for new drivers. Finding a state-approved course is important. Otherwise, you will not receive credit if you enroll in a program not recognized by your state's motor vehicle agency.

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