7 Reasons Student Drivers Fail Their Written Permit Exam

By: Jen Lamboy September 19, 2013
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Pass your DMV written permit test the first time around by avoiding the pitfalls that lead to failure.

Passing your written DMV permit exam really is a no-brainer. But you gotta be smart about it, and avoid the pitfalls that cause numerous students to fail.

And you can start by following our Dos and Don’ts.

1) Don’t Cram For Your Permit Exam

The road to landing your driver’s permit harbors no shortcuts. So don’t think cramming a few weeks’ worth of studying into the night is going to work. All you’ll end up with is sleep deprivation and the inability to focus.

Plus, cramming for your DMV permit tests only serves your short-term memory. So as soon as you take the permit exam, all those DMV traffic laws and road signs you just memorized - will simply vanish.

2)  Manage Your Study Time

Poor time management can also steer you down a dead-end road -- FAST! So, optimize your permit-study time with these four steps:

  1. Determine the number of days you have left to study.
  2. Break up the DMV handbook into topics that you can easily study during those days.
  3. Study one topic at a time. Don’t jump around.
  4. Then PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. Sign up for a DMV online permit practice test and study it every chance you get.

3)  Avoid Passive Learning

Reading and rereading the DMV driver handbook can be a waste of time. In fact, a recent report released by the Association for Psychological Science states that the least effective study strategies include:

  • Reading and rereading the DMV handbook.
  • Highlighting sections.
  • Underlining key points.
  • Summarizing passages.

So get with the program, get active and get involved in your studying.

And don't forget to incorporate short breaks into each study interval so you don’t burn out.

4)  Know What it’s Like to Take the DMV Written Test

DMV written permit exams are unlike any other test you might take. So, knowing what to expect puts you far ahead of the success curve.

Online DMV Permit Practice Tests are an excellent way to prepare you for the actual written test. You can take an unlimited amount of virtual permit tests that can immediately highlight your weaknesses. You can even use it as a study guide, studying one question and answer at a time.

Know what you’re up against. Sign up for online practice tests, and ace your DMV permit test the very first time.

5)  Wise-Up and Learn from Your Mistakes

It doesn't take an adult wagging an I-told-you-so finger in your face to know that it pays to learn from your mistakes. So be wise, and when taking the online permit practice tests, take note of which questions you answer incorrectly, and return to the driver’s manual or the practice test until you master each topic.

6)  Get Healthy

A lack of healthy food, regular exercise, and solid sleep can be a recipe for failure. Set yourself up to pass your written driver’s license test with these simple tips.

  • Feed your brain healthy, whole foods and drink plenty of water (at least 9 cups per day for women, 13 for men) to ward off fatigue and improve concentration.
  • Eat high-protein, low-carb foods, and lay off processed sugary snacks and drinks that will spike your blood sugar.
  • Enhance your energy level with regular exercise.
  • Don't skimp on sleep. Sleep deprivation means decreased performance NS impaired memory. In fact, losing just 1.5 hours of sleep in one night could decrease your daytime alertness by 32%.

7)  Lower Your Anxiety

Extreme tension can paralyze your ability to think. So if the image of your mother dropping you off at parties well into your mid-40s is stressing you out, reduce your DMV permit exam anxiety and improve your mood naturally:

  1. Take a comfortable seat on the floor.
  2. Put a few drops of orange or lavender essential oil* in your hands.
  3. Rub both hands together to distribute the oil.
  4. Rest your hands, palms up, on your knees.
  5. Close your eyes, and take at least 10 deep breaths.
  6. Gently reopen your eyes, take one more full inhale and release any remaining tension with a long audible exhale.

*Most natural food stores sell essential oils for usually less than $10 in their well-body departments.

To Recap

So pass your DMV written permit exam the very first time by following these 7 simple steps to success:

  1. Don’t Cram for Your Permit Exam.
  2. Manage Your Study Time.
  3. Avoid Passive Learning.
  4. Know What It’s Like to Take the DMV Written Test.
  5. Wise Up and Learn from Your Mistakes.
  6. Get Healthy.
  7. Lower Your Anxiety.

These aren’t too difficult to do and they will pay off when taking your permit test.

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