Top 10 Most Expensive Cars to Insure in 2018

By: Bridget Clerkin August 7, 2018
The Ford Mustang is among the most expensive vehicles to insure in the United States—but does it top the list?
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They say the only certainties in life are death and taxes, but here at DMV.ORG, we’d like to suggest one more entrant to that list: car insurance.

If you want to get around in an automobile legally, you simply have to have it. And even though it’s better for the greater good when everyone has a policy, you may feel individually victimized each time you open your insurance bill.

Paying for any insurance plan requires some attention to accounting, but when it comes to vehicles, a number of factors determine just how big that budget should be.

As cars get more expensive, so, too, do their insurance policies. Costlier rides are often made from pricier parts; to fix them, insurance companies charge a premium.

But even when the vehicle’s price isn’t too high, car insurance bills can still reach new heights when the size of the rides goes down. Deserved or not, smaller cars are typically considered less safe by insurance companies, as many would be no match against a truck, SUV, or otherwise bigger and heavier vehicle in a roadway collision.

Cars designed to hug every curve of the road also usually get the high-priced treatment from insurance companies. Some statistics have linked sportier rides to more accidents, with their higher speeds and better handling backfiring on many drivers.

Of course, super luxurious rides are always going to demand the priciest policies—but a number of daily drivers can also pack a surprising punch in the wallet.

Keep reading to find out which “commuter cars” will make you pay most dearly to drive them.

10 (tie)—Nissan Maxima

18 Nis Maxima 005
The 2018 Nissan Maxima

The list’s first entrant is something of a surprise, with the average annual insurance paid on the midsize four-door model totaling $1,237.

That may be due to the pricey parts used to build the vehicle. Maximas max out at an average retail cost of $33,270—an expense that only makes any visit to the mechanic more expensive.

10 (tie)—Scion tC

The small and sporty two-door suffers for its swiftness, with such cars more likely to be involved in an accident.

At an average price of just $19,385, the car costs about $1,237 to insure every year.

8—Chrysler 200 2WD

The two-wheel-drive version of the midsize four-door typically runs drivers around $1,261 in yearly insurance.

That may have something to do with the reduced handling ability—or the average retail price of $22,115.

7—Scion iA

2016 Scion iA 002 01B1909F95C629E46B6F5D2139FB8B91A1768399
A 2016 Scion iA

At $15,700, the mini four-door may be relatively cheap, but its insurance policy isn’t.

Plans for the Scion model—which suffers the double whammy of small size and sportiness—run about $1,274 annually.

6—Ford Mustang

Not technically a luxury car, the classic Ford model is well known for its speed and handling, attracting much more fast-driving types than the typical car.

That may be one reason why the $25,680 vehicle comes with a car insurance price tag of $1,291 a year.

5—Dodge Challenger

More muscles, more problems?

That seems to be the case for the beefy Challenger, a new-age muscle car, which fetches a price of $27,295 and an annual car insurance policy totaling $1,335.

4—Kia Optima

12662 2018 Optima
The 2018 Kia Optima

The unassuming Optima has a secret: it’s pretty pricey to insure.

Kia’s hybrid version of the model goes for around $25,995—with coverage costing an average of $1,355.

3—Dodge Charger

Another muscular Dodge model finds itself packing a strong punch in the insurance game.

The two-wheel-drive version of the car is usually insured for around $1,385 per year. But with an asking price of $28,995, the vehicle has a number of factors that may be ratcheting up that cost.

2—Scion FR-S

Once again, Scion proves that driving something small, sporty, and enjoyable surely comes at a price.

The small two-door coupe is a sight to behold on the road—and at the bank. The $25,305 vehicle typically tips the insurance policy scales at $1,403 per year.

1—Mitsubishi Lancer

Mitsubishi Lancer
The most expensive car to insure in the U.S.: the Mitsubishi Lancer.

What makes the $17,795 two-wheel-drive Mitsubishi model so expensive to keep on the road?

Part of it is the car’s inherent sportiness and small stature, but insurance companies have long had the goods on the Lancer.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety keeps annual tabs on how much insurance companies pay out for each type of car, and the Lancer has long held at or near the top of the list.

Lancers are not only more frequently involved in accidents than a number of other models, but more worrying, are also involved in accidents that include more damage. The car has consistently scored high in both the amount of medical liability and bodily injury liability insurance companies must pay out per accident.

So how much does it cost to keep a Lancer insured for one year? On average, $1,458.

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