Suspended CDL in Arkansas

Commercial Driver’s License Suspensions in Arkansas

In Arkansas, the Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) can disqualify your commercial driver’s license (CDL) if you commit certain violations in either a commercial or non-commercial vehicle.

Violations include:

    • Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol/drugs.
    • Refusing to submit to a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test.
    • Speeding and reckless driving.
    • Violating out-of-service orders.
    • Following too closely.
    • Making erratic lane changes.
    • Using your vehicle to commit a felony.
    • Driving without the proper CDL endorsements.

      On this page you’ll find information about your disqualification/suspension and how to reinstate your CDL.

      About Your Arkansas CDL Suspension

      Your CDL suspension/disqualification duration will vary depending on your offense and whether or not the AR DOR also suspended your non-commercial driving privileges.

      For information regarding your specific CDL disqualification, contact the Arkansas DMV commercial driver’s license help desk at (501) 682-1400.

      Your CDL and commercial driving privileges are subject to state and federal regulations, including disqualifications lasting:

      • 1 year for a 1st violation of a major offense; examples include:
        • DUI/DWI or drug-related offenses.
        • Refusing to submit to a BAC, or blood alcohol concentration, test.
        • Committing a hit-and-run.
        • Leaving the scene of an accident.
        • Using your commercial motor vehicle (CMV) in a felony.
      • 3 years for a 1st violation of a major offense while transporting hazardous materials (HAZMAT).
      • A lifetime for a 2nd violation of a major offense.
      • 60 – 120 days for multiple serious traffic violations within 3 years.
      • 60 – 120 days for railroad highway grade crossing violations.

      For a complete list of CDL disqualifications and durations, visit the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website.

      NOTE: You will be charged with driving under the influence if you are caught operating a CMV with a BAC of 0.04% or higher.

      By law, you are required to notify your employer:

      • Within 30 days of receiving a traffic offense conviction.
      • By the end of the next business day after receiving a CDL disqualification notice.

      NOTE: Your Arkansas CDL can also be disqualified violations you receive in a non-commercial vehicle. For more information, please see our Suspended License in Arkansas page.

      Check Your Commercial Driver’s License Status

      Traffic violations, convictions, and causing accidents can lead to driving record points on your driving record. Accumulating too many points can lead to a suspension/disqualification of both your commercial and non-commercial driving privileges.

      The Arkansas DMV will:

      • Send a warning letter after 10-13 points.
      • Suspend your license for 3 months after 14-17 points.
      • Suspend your license for 6 months after 18-23 points.
      • Suspend your license for 1 year after 24 points or more.

      You can order your driving record to check the status of your CDL and your driving record points.

      Hearings for a Suspended Arkansas CDL

      If your CDL and/or non-commercial driver’s license is suspended, the Arkansas DMV will mail you a suspension notice and administrative hearing information.

      If accumulating too many driving record points caused your suspension/disqualification, an administrative hearing will automatically be scheduled for you. The hearing officer will make one of the following decisions on your driver’s license:

      • No action.
      • Probation.
      • Restriction.
      • Suspension.

      NOTE: If you fail to attend your AR DMV administrative hearing, your license will be suspended.

      If you wish to contest a suspension caused by a DUI or BAC test refusal, you must request an administrative hearing within 7 days of your arrest. Follow the instructions on your suspension notice.

      Get the Legal Help You Need

      Find an experienced lawyer near you to help with your Arkansas CDL suspension and reinstatement.

      Reinstate Your AR Commercial Driver’s License

      Your reinstatement requirements will vary depending on the reason for your suspension/disqualification.

      Some steps you may need to take to reinstate your CDL could include:

      • Satisfying any court requirements, if applicable.
      • Submitting any required clearance documents.
      • Completing an alcohol education/treatment program, if necessary.
      • Passing the commercial driving skills and knowledge tests, if necessary.
        • You must retake these tests if your CDL has been suspended for 1 year or more.
      • Paying your reinstatement fees. (See “Fees to Reinstate Your CDL in Arkansas” below.)

      NOTE: You can pay your reinstatement fees online on the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration website. You’ll need to enter your:

      • Arkansas CDL number.
      • Date of birth.
      • Social Security number (SSN).
      • VISA, MasterCard, or Discover credit/debit card information to pay the reinstatement fee.

      Fees to Reinstate Your CDL in Arkansas

      Your CDL reinstatement fees will vary depending on the reason for your suspension/disqualification. If you were convicted in court, you may face additional court fines.

      Below are general Arkansas DFA fees that may apply to your suspension/reinstatement.

      • DWI/DUI and BAC test refusal suspension reinstatements: $150.
      • Commercial driver’s license: $42.
      • Commercial driving tests: $50.

      For fees directly related to your suspended CDL, and information about accepted payment methods, refer to your suspension notice or contact the AR DMV.

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