Special License Plates in Arkansas

SUMMARY: Specialty Arkansas License Plates

A variety of specialty plates are available in Arkansas, including personalized plates and special interest tags. You may be able to apply for a specialty plate online, by mail, or in person, depending on the type of plate you want.

Keep reading for information about specialty license plates available from the Arkansas Office of Motor Vehicle (OMV).

NOTE: Looking for disabled parking information? See our Disability Placards & Plates page for complete details.

Personalized Plates in Arkansas

In Arkansas, you can order personalized plates for your vehicle.

The license plate number can have up to 7 characters only.

You can check the availability of a character combination online, but note that even if your preferred combination is available, the AR OMV may still deny it.

You'll find more information on the Request for Personalized License Plate (Form 10-376).

The fee for a personalized plate is $25 when you apply. You will also pay this fee when renewing PLUS regular registration fees.

Special Interest & Organizational Tags

Specialty license plates offered by the Arkansas OMV include tags for various special interests and organizations.

NOTE: Plates for membership groups, professional organizations, and professions may require proof of membership or employment to order.

A complete list of special interest plates is available on the AR OMV website. Examples include:

  • Charities and special causes, such as:
    • Childhood Cancer Research.
    • Organ Donor Awareness.
  • Game and fish, for example:
    • The Butterfly plate.
    • The Elk license plate.
  • Professions and professional organizations, including:
    • Active firefighter plates.
    • Arkansas Sheriff's Association tags.
  • Colleges and Greek organizations, for example:
    • The University of Arkansas at Little Rock.
    • Phi Beta Sigma fraternity.

You'll pay a license plate fee PLUS standard registration fees for a special interest license plate. A portion of this fee supports the sponsoring organization or a related charity.

Fees may vary, but typical examples include:

  • Arkansas Sheriff's Association plate: $35.
  • Humane Society of the Ozarks plate: $35.
  • Realtor license plate: $35.

You may pay a slightly higher fee, to cover administrative fees, when you order your speciality plates. Alternatively, some plates can be ordered as personalized plates with a special interest decal.

Learn more about plate options and costs by reviewing the application process.

Military Tags in Arkansas

Military license plates are issued by the AR Office of Motor Vehicle to qualified current and former service members. Plates are available for:

  • U.S. military retirees, for example:
    • Armed Forces Retired.
    • Merchant Marine Retired.
  • Veterans of conflicts, such as:
    • Cold War Veteran license plate.
    • Vietnam Veteran plate.
  • Honors and medals, including:
    • The Congressional Medal of Honor.
    • The Purple Heart.

A complete list of military plates is available on the AR OMV website.

Eligibility requirements are based on the license plate. For example, Purple Heart plates are available ONLY to Purple Heart recipients with proof of eligibility.

Military plates fees vary by plate type—for example:

  • The Armed Forces Retired license plate:
  • The Ex-Prisoner of War license plate: Free.

Learn more about the fees and forms of proof required for each plate in the application section below.

Historic & Custom Specialty Plates

Specialty license plates are offered for historic and custom vehicles.

Antique Vehicles

Antique Vehicle license plates are available for vehicles that are:

  • At least 45 years old.
  • Unchanged from their original specifications.

The fee for an Antique Vehicle plate is $7.

Antique Motorcycle plates are issued to motorcycles that are:

  • At least 45 years old.
  • Mostly unchanged from their original design.
  • Collector's items, restoration projects, or otherwise owned as a hobby.

The fee for an Antique Motorcycle plate is $5.

Street Rod and Custom Vehicles

Street Rod/Custom Vehicle plates are issued to both:

  • Street rods, which are vehicles that are:
    • 1948 models or older OR newer vehicles made to look like a vehicle made before 1949.
    • Built from non-original body materials OR changed from their original design.
  • Custom vehicles, which must:
    • Be least 25 years old AND 1948 models or later OR replica vehicles made to look like vehicles from that era.
    • Have altered or non-original body materials.

NOTE: Vehicles with Street Rod/Custom Vehicle plates can be driven ONLY for exhibitions, car club events, and similar activities.

The fees for Street Rod/Custom Vehicle plates are:

  • $50 to apply.
  • $25 to renew.

Apply for AR Specialty Plates

The application process for specialty or custom Arkansas license plates differs depending on the type of plate you wish to order.

You can order a specialty or personalized plate:

For detailed information on how to apply for the Arkansas specialty plate you're interested in, visit the OMV website and click on your plate. The information provided includes:

  • Eligibility requirements.
  • Application requirements including:
    • Forms.
    • Additional supporting documents.
      • This typically applies for specialty plates that require you to meet specific eligibility requirements, such as military plates.
  • A list of the offices that offer the specialty plate.
  • Related fees.
    • Fees vary from plate to plate.
    • Additional fees will apply for personalization.
  • Renewal information.


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