Replacing a Lost License in Arkansas

Replacing a Lost Arkansas Driver's License

Once you realize your driver's license has gone missing, your stress levels could start rising. Your driver's license may be your primary form of identification, not to mention a critical part of driving legally in Arkansas. Therefore, you'll need to apply for a replacement driver's license immediately.

Fortunately, the Arkansas Driver Services (ODS) works to ensure that obtaining a duplicate AR driver's license is straightforward.

NOTE: If you need a replacement license because you have moved or need to change your name, see our pages Changing Your Address in Arkansas and Changing Your Name in Arkansas. Arkansas commercial drivers can visit our page on Replacing a Lost CDL.

Applying for a Duplicate License in Arkansas

REAL IDs & Replacements

If you plan to upgrade to an AR REAL ID upon replacement, you'll need to do so in person and follow the steps for a first-time REAL ID application. Jump over to our license guide for help.

Before you visit the local revenue office or Enhanced Security DL/ID office, you will need to gather the required documentation and other items you'll need to prove your identity. The Arkansas ODS will have your picture on file, so matching your face to the database will be easy.

To apply for a duplicate AR driver's license, you'll need:

  • The $10 fee for a duplicate driver's license.
  • Proof of identification. Which documentation you will need will depend on which type of license or ID you had or if you wish to upgrade to an Enhanced License or ID. The DFA provides a portal which allows you to Pre-Register for a License or ID. This portal will walk you through which documents you will need.

The DMV office will likely have an application form for you to complete, in addition to providing the above documentation. You may also be required to take another photo.

Replacing a License While Out of State

If you lose your Arkansas driver's license or it is stolen while you are out of the state or the country (including outside of Arkansas for military service), you have options.

You'll need to put in a request with the Arkansas ODS to send an application and instructions for requesting a duplicate driver's license.

You can start by contacting the Arkansas ODS by emailing or calling  (501) 682-7059, to see if you qualify to replace your license by mail.

The ODS will send you an application packet with the instructions you need about fees and other requirements for getting a replacement Arkansas driver's license by mail. You may be able to process your driver's license renewal at the same time. Be sure to include this information in your initial request, if applicable.

Report a Missing Arkansas Driver's License

Although you aren't required to report a lost or stolen Arkansas driver's license, it may be helpful to do so if you are concerned that someone else has or could have access to your personal information. Reporting a loss or theft of your license offers you the chance to start a paper trail should anyone attempt to use the information for fraud or identity theft.

For more information, see the Arkansas Attorney General's information about identity theft.

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