Renewing Your CDL in Arkansas

If you drive a commercial vehicle, few things are more important to your job than keeping a valid commercial driver’s license. Before your CDL expires, renew it through the Arkansas Office of Driver Services (ODS).

Keep reading for a detailed breakdown on how to complete this process.

How to Renew Your AR CDL

Arkansas CDLs are valid for 4 years.

If your expiration date is coming up soon, make a trip to your local Driver Services office and provide:

  • Your current CDL.
  • A completed application form.
    • This is provided by the ODS; you cannot currently download this form.
  • Proof of citizenship or legal U.S. presence*.
    • For a complete list of acceptable documents, check out the guide provided by the ODS.
    • If you wish to apply for a REAL ID-compliant CDL, there are additional items you must provide. Use the ODS checklist for accepted items.
  • Proof of AR residency. This can include a:
    • Government-issued tax form that has your name and address on it (your most recent tax form will work).
  • The names of all the states in which you’ve held a driver’s license in the past 10 years.
  • A completed Self-Certification Affidavit.
  • Payment for the $42 CDL renewal fee.

If you wish to renew your HAZMAT endorsement, you’ll have to pass the hazardous materials written exam. A testing fee may apply, so contact the ODS before you arrive to find out specific fee information.

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