Registration Renewal in Arkansas

 Registration Renewal in Arkansas

The Arkansas Office of Motor Vehicle (OMV) is the division of the Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) that regulates vehicle registrations and renewals in the state.

In Arkansas, you may renew your vehicle registration online, by phone, by mail, or in person.

If you haven't received your renewal documents, you can check your registration renewal status by contacting the DFA.

Arkansas Vehicle Registration Renewal Notice

As a reminder to renew your vehicle registration, the Arkansas OMV will send out a vehicle registration renewal notice to all Arkansas vehicle owners. This notice will give details such as your renewal date and fee, as well as any renewal restrictions that may be on your registration. Note that you are NOT required to obtain a vehicle inspection before renewing your registration.

Didn’t Receive a Renewal Notice?

If you lost your notice or never received one, you are still responsible for renewing your vehicle registration on time. Make sure to find out your expiration date so as not to be caught with a late renewal penalty.

Renew Your AR Vehicle Registration

Depending on your eligibility, the AR OMV can process your Arkansas registration renewal online, by phone, by mail, or in person.

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  1. If you owe taxes, you cannot renew by phone or online. You will be required to complete an assessment (done electronically) before you can renew. For assistance, call (888) 389-8336.
  2. To renew by mail or in person after your assessment, you must show written proof of fulfilling your personal property tax assessment or personal property receipt for past taxes or vehicle liability insurance coverage.


The Arkansas DMV uses the Arkansas Streamline Auto Renewal (ARSTAR) system to process registration renewals online.

You’ll need to enter the verification code from your renewal notice. However, if you do not have your renewal notice, you may use alternate information to access the online renewal system.

To renew your AR vehicle registration online WITH your renewal notice:

  • Visit the ARSTAR system.
  • Submit your renewal ID number.
  • Enter your verification code.
  • Pay the registration renewal fees (see “Arkansas Vehicle Registration Renewal Fees” below).

To renew your AR vehicle registration online WITHOUT your renewal notice:

  • Visit the ARSTAR system.
  • Click “What if I don’t have my renewal reminder?”
  • Enter the last 4 digits of your vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • Enter your license plate number and zip code.
  • Pay your registration renewal fee (see “Arkansas Vehicle Registration Renewal Fees” below).

By Phone

To renew your registration by phone:

  • Call (800) 941-2580.
  • Submit your vehicle information.
  • Pay your registration renewal fee (see “Arkansas Vehicle Registration Renewal Fees” below).

By Mail

To renew by mail, send your registration renewal notice along with payment for your renewal fee to:

Office of Motor Vehicle
P.O. Box 3153
Little Rock, AR 72203

In Person

To renew your Arkansas vehicle registration in person at your local AR state revenue office:

  • Provide your registration renewal notice.
  • Submit payment for all applicable registration renewal fees (see “Arkansas Vehicle Registration Renewal Fees” below).

Arkansas Vehicle Registration Renewal Fees

The Arkansas Office of Motor Vehicle (OMV) charges different fees based on the vehicle type, such as:

  • Passenger cars/motor homes.
  • Trucks/vans.
  • Motorcycles.

The Arkansas OMV provides a complete list of registration renewal fees in Arkansas.

Military & Out-of-State Registration Renewals

Tax Exemptions for Military

Military members are exempt from assessment and property taxes upon registration renewal. To take advantage of this exemption, you must submit a current Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) in person with the AR OMV to confirm your active duty status. You cannot renew your vehicle registration online or by mail if you would like to take advantage of your tax exemption.

For specific instructions, please read the “Renew your AR Vehicle Registration” section above.

Renewal for Out-of-State Residents

If you’re temporarily outside of Arkansas when your vehicle registration expires, you can renew your registration online, by phone, or by mail. See “Renew Your AR Vehicle Registration” section above for details.

Duplicate Registration or License Plates

If your Arkansas registration is lost or destroyed, you can visit a state revenue office and submit a Vehicle Registration Application (Form 10-381) to get a new registration.

Since the titling and registration processes are tied together, all owners listed on the title must sign the application. 


Vehicle Registration Application
Apply for a new, transferred, OR duplicate Arkansas vehicle registration AND/OR title with the OMV. Form can also be used to record a lien on your car title.
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