Lost Traffic Ticket in Arkansas

If you have a lost traffic ticket, contact the relevant district court to get information about your court date, ticket fees, and ticket plea/payment options. This information includes but is not limited to, speeding tickets, red light tickets, moving violations, and lost parking tickets.

Currently, Arkansas doesn't provide an online traffic ticket search; however, if you remember which court is handling your ticket AND you have your citation number handy, you can use the state's online payment system to gather information.

Otherwise, you'll need to contact either the state or local district court handling your traffic ticket. The court handling your citation is the traffic court in the area where you received the ticket, so you'll need to remember the county where you got the citation.

  • Check the state's map for state and local district courts.
  • Choose the county where you received the traffic ticket.
    • If you can't remember the county, try contacting the counties you traveled through around the time you received the citation.
    • If you still can't remember the county, think of the city where you received the citation and go from there.
  • Use the contact information provided for each court you try.

Gather Traffic Ticket Details

Once you find the correct state or local district court, gather the following information regarding your AR traffic ticket:

  • Whether you're required to appear in court and, if so, your court date.
  • Your traffic violation and citation number.
    • You'll need this if you're eligible to pay your fine online.
  • The exact traffic ticket fine and any additional court costs.
    • Ask about your payment options and acceptable payment methods. These both can vary by court and your specific violation.
  • Your deadline for entering your ticket plea.
    • This might mean pleading “guilty" and paying your find outright or pleading “not guilty" and requesting a hearing date.

Responding to Arkansas Traffic Tickets

Consider whether you want to plead “guilty" and pay your fine or plead “not guilty" and fight your traffic ticket in court. Learn about the processes for—and pros and cons of—each at Pay Traffic Ticket and Fight Traffic Ticket.

NOTE: You can't plead “guilty" and send in your payment, or plead “not guilty" and request a hearing date, if you are required to appear in court due to the nature of your violation. Once you appear in court, you can enter your plea. Consider consulting a traffic ticket attorney if this is your situation.

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