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If all drivers used different forms, or worse yet no forms, then the Department of Finance and Administration, Office of Motor Vehicle, and the Office of Driver Services would have to spend hours on every resident's transaction.

To keep things moving quickly and accurately, there are standard forms that exist for almost every driver or motor vehicle-related activity.

Driver Forms

You will need to use the Motor Vehicle Accident Report Form (SR-1) if you are involved in a qualifying accident. There are also driver forms for change of address, license renewal, duplicate license, and reinstatement forms for suspended licenses.

If you are applying for a new license then you'll find the forms at a revenue office.

Vehicle Forms

The number of motor vehicle forms is much greater than the number of driver forms. Over the years, you will continue to renew your drivers license but you will probably title and register many vehicles.

The OMV has forms for bill-of-sale, odometer affidavit, replacement titles, and tax forms. And if you're not sure which form you need, don't hesitate to call the contact the OMV to learn which forms you need. BBB Business Review