Commercial Driver FAQs in Arkansas

Commercial drivers have many questions because there is so much to know about operating a commercial vehicle. Following the federal and state rules is important, and the consequences for failing to do so can be serious.

Here are some questions and answers that are most asked about getting or keeping a CDL:

Where do I take the driving test to get my Commercial Driver's License (CDL)?

Driving tests are offered at six Arkansas State Police locations throughout the state:

  • Little Rock
  • Newport
  • Russellville
  • Hope
  • Pine Bluff
  • Springdale

Written tests are available at all trooper locations in Arkansas. Call the stations listed above to schedule an appointment for the driving test.

Is the Arkansas CDL manual available online?

Yes, the CDL manual is available online and at your local Office of Motor Vehicle (OMV).

I want to drive a school bus. Is there a book to study?

The Arkansas State Police provide a School Bus Driver's Manual, which includes a short list of questions to test your knowledge after you study.

I just moved to another town in Arkansas. Where do I change my address on my CDL?

Commercial drivers are required to change their address immediately at their local Revenue Office. You will be issued a duplicate license with your new address.

I heard there are new guidelines for hauling hazardous materials. Where can I get more information?

Commercial drivers hauling hazardous materials must now undergo background and fingerprint checks when applying for, or renewing, their CDL. The fees total $86.50.

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