Replacing a Lost Registration in Alabama

Lost your Alabama car registration or tag? Driving without a valid copy of your registration can get you a ticket, so you’ll need to get a replacement ASAP.

Fortunately, replacing a lost car registration with the Alabama Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) is an easy and inexpensive process. You can get a replacement at your county license plate issuing office—some offices may even be able to print your sticker and registration receipt on the spot!

Keep reading for details, including the forms and documents you’ll need.

Need to Replace Your Plate?

If your registration sticker and/or license plate was stolen or damaged, don’t worry—we’ve got the info you need. Jump over to our guide to replacing an AL plate or sticker.

Replace a Lost Registration or Tag

Registration services in Alabama are performed by your county licensing office. You or someone with power of attorney must apply in person.

Visit your local office with:

  • A completed Application for Replacement Motor Vehicle Tag and/or Decal (Form MV 40-12-265-1). You will need to know:
    • The vehicle identification number (VIN).
      • You can find your VIN:
        • On your vehicle’s title.
        • On the driver’s side of your dashboard (right up against the windshield).
        • The spot where the your driver’s-side door latches when it closes.
    • Your license plate number.
  • Payment for the applicable fee:
    • Registration receipt: Fees may vary—contact your local licensing office for your specific cost.
    • Tag/decal: $2.
      • You will NOT be charged an additional annual registration fee.
  • Your damaged registration decal, if applicable.

NOTE: If you have had to replace your registration multiple times for the same vehicle, please see Stolen Registrations below.

Stolen AL Registrations

It is your responsibility to file a police report if you know your registration receipt or tag has been stolen.

If this will be your 3rd time replacing a lost OR stolen registration decal, you must file a police report and include a copy of the report with your application.

See above for application details.

Duplicate Registration Fees

The fees for duplicate registration items in Alabama are as follows:

Reasons for Replacement

To successfully complete a request for a replacement license plate, registration receipt, or registration sticker, you must indicate your reason for requesting a replacement.

Some of the general reasons for replacement include the license plate, registration receipt, or license plate sticker being:

  • Stolen or lost. (You should notify you local law enforcement agency.)
  • Mutilated or damaged. (You'll need to surrender the damaged plate or registration credential OR submit a notarized statement that the plate has been destroyed and cannot be surrendered.)
  • Incorrect. (You'll need to submit a copy of the registration receipt that shows the incorrect information.)
  • Lost in the mail or never received.

If you have personalized Alabama license plates, you can get a replacement with the same message if:

  • The personalized plate was lost in the mail and never received .
  • The plate was sent back to the Alabama MVD or county licensing office because it is damaged.

If your personalized plate need to be replaced outside of one of the situations above, you must wait until your vehicle registration expires until you can get a license plate with the same message.


MV 40-12-265-1
Application For Replacement Credentials
Request replacement Alabama license plates, decals, OR registration receipt from the Motor Vehicle Division.
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